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Thread: Rate Your Doctor - Malaysia (?)

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    Rate Your Doctor - Malaysia (?)

    I was doing a search on doctors and came across this site.

    Do we have such a site for Malaysian doctors?

    From experience and discussions I note many (not all) of our Malaysian doctors do not have good bedside manners and some are very rude.
    A site like the above will keep them on their toes re their
    attitude and behavior.

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    On bedside manners and doctors, sometimes these doctors play-act to be effective. Let me give you an example. The specialist treating my Pa-in-Law here at Adventist Hospital Penang, screwed up my Pa-in-Law real bad couple of days ago. He told my Pa-in-Law if he doesn't control his diet and food intake and control his blood sugar level, he will insist on prescribing insulin jabs to replace the current medication, no ifs and no buts. He also gave an earful to my old man and you can see the old man was shaken a little and even said this doctor is rude... but my wife and I know this specialist is actually a nice fella. He was just play acting to shake up my old man who is a stubborn donkey when it comes to controlling his food intake... he walloped durians! and he is a diabetic!

    One wrong and unfair comment in the blog might do severe damage to a doctor's image so I would think better not to have such rating. If we don't think a doc is good, just go to another lor, there are so many trees in the forest....

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    Ha ha and now the current docs complaining about too many locally trained docs without patient experience!

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    the best actor is the best US president, same for the doctor.

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    ah yah .locktor also human.give chance lah no need rating nanti become bashing pula.

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