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Thread: Take Shelter! The Chinese Are Taking Over!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by USJ27Resident
    Hmmm....must ask the wife !!!???

    I tell you - there will always be IDIOTS willing to burn the boat, not realising that we are all in the SAME boat...

    burn it, and we all SINK !!
    The common Rakyat are in one big boat, those IDIOTS are not that stupid either, they have life boat, and houses elsewhere too. Was told a lot of Mansions are owned by IDIOTS in Australia.
    The common rakyat would be lucky to own a apartment as part of the srcap.
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    This thread is not only political but it is also giving exposure to racist ideology. All of you are free to read the articles linked over there, read the comments by their readers and get mentally worked up after reading the article and associated comments.

    Do we need more of such commentaries here? Shall this Forum join in on the comments? I think not. Those of you who have your points to declare, you can do it by joining the comments allowed on that website. Do it where the attention is, but not here.

    Sorry, time to close this....

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