it has been a long journey here. if you guys didnt recalled my last thread was regarding the application to wawasan school which i make 2x and was rejected twice. Since then i have no other choice but to send my son to Chee Wen. Anyway i would like to thank my fellow forummer in USJ for the kind help and feedback that i received. I truly learn a lot and as just wanted to say that wawasan is not what i expected it to be. Anyone wants to know why i say that PM me.

Since then i have been searching for the perfect daycare centre and there is plenty of them around USJ 1 area...today i went to a few daycare and find them to be over crowded with students. (like really pack). Price wise is 300-500.

my question is can anyone advise a good daycare in USJ 1. They all look the same i dont know how to choose. And if you guys have any tips is looking out for a good daycare pls share.

Thank you and happy new year 2010!!!