Thanks Naka!! Now why didnt i think about it considering i had a nice long conversation with one my my club members about Radio astronomy and how he listens to it while driving in his car .

In case anyone is interested to know about Radio astronomy, you can check and go to page7 of it.

I was toying with the idea of introducing the sight-impaired to radio astronomy , considering how more sensitive their hearing can be, merely coz i don't want the blind/sight-impaired to feel left out of the world of astronomy. Of course i would also need other learning materials to share with them. Unfortunately, when i looked online for interesting objects and topographically correct globes of the planets, they cost an arm and leg. I am trying to do outreach for the astronomy club as much as i can but when it comes to money matters, it doesn't quite work so well since we are a non-profit organization. So much for going off topic a bit.