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    Wink My favorites and recent projet

    Hello all,

    For those of you who are interested in seeing my recent projects and get some ideas to improve your dream home . Just go to the link below, under photo album of megatop design
    Alan Cheng

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    jeffooi Guest
    The URL Allan put up to view his recent projects is hosted in the
    photo section of USJ-Subang Jaya e-Group.

    You may need to sign-in in order to view, or CLICK HERE
    to circumvent the verification process.

    The lead story about his experience inusing 3D animation for
    renovation work can be viewed on our front page, or CLICK HERE

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    i went to the site
    but got the document not found message

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    jeffooi Guest
    that's right, Yahoo put a sentry for login, invalidating the URL.

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    kwchang Guest
    Allen has informed me that for those of you who cannot view the pictures in the yahoogroup website, the same pictures are now available in the Megatopdesign website. Please click on to

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