Here's the list of books available for exchange & loan. Please excuse the way the list is presented. Will give a better looking listing as soon as I've consulted some 'sifu" on how to do so...




1. Possession/ Peter James/ Horror
2. Fear Nothing/ Dean Koontz/ Thriller
3. The Da Vinci Code/ Dan Brown/ Thriller
4. The Bible Code/ Michael Drosnin/ Religion (?)
5. The 20% Factor/ Graham Lancaster/ Self-help
6. Confident Selling for the ‘90s /Dr James R Fisher, JR/ Self-help
7. Barry Trotter & the Unnecessary Sequel/ Michael Gerber/ Children’s bks
8. A Distant Magic/ Mary Jo Putney/ Romance
9. One Tree Hill/ Anna Lotto/ Drama
10. The Mad Housewife Diary/ Chew Lee Li/ Fiction
11. The Sky is Crazy: Tales from a Trolley Dolly/ Yvonne Lee/ Fiction
12. A Nyonya in Texas/ Lee Su Kim/ Humor (?)
13. Kids Say the Darndest Things/ Bill Crosby/ Humor
14. Disney’s The Wild/ - /Children’s bk
15. The Wind in the Willow/ Kenneth Grahame/ Children’s bk
16. Bionicle Legends #8/ Greg Farshtey/ Children’s bk
17. Guide To Natural Healing/ - /Self-help
18. Tango Uniform/ Tom Wilson/ Fiction-War
19. Fields of Fire/ James Webb/ Fiction-War
20. The Fire Dream/ Franklin Allen Leib/ Fiction-War
21. Once A Warrior King/ David Donovan/ Fiction-War
22. The Sexless Spy/ Trevor Hoyle/ Fiction-War
23. Citadel/ Dale A. Dye/ Fiction-War
24. Sympathy for the Devil/ Kent Anderson/ Fiction-War
25. Blood Brigade/ Don Houghton/ Fiction-War
26. Termite Hill/ Tom Wilson/ Fiction-War
27. And One For All/ Theresa Nelson/ Fiction-War
28. Escape from Mindanao/ Lawrence Cortesi/ Fiction-War
29. CW2/ Layne Heath/ Fiction-War
30. Storm Troop/ Leo Kessler/ Fiction-War
31. The Ritter Double Cross/ Frederick Nolan/ Fiction-War
32 Where the Orange Blooms (War Story)/ Thomas Taylor/ Fiction-War
33. A Matter of Honor/ William P. McGivern /Fiction-War
34. The Ritter Double Cross/ Frederick Nolan/ Fiction-War
35. Mission Impossible/ Lawrence Cortesi/ Fiction-War
36. Death Beam/ Robert Moss/ Fiction-War
37. Strike Force 10/ Heinz G Konsalik/ Fiction-War
38. Full Fathom Five/ J.E. MacDonnell/ Fiction-War
39. Everyone Worth Knowing/ Lauren Weisberger /Fiction

1. Puppy Perfect-Guide to Puppy Parenting / Sarah Hodgson
2. The Goblin Hat & Other Stories / Enid Blyton
3. The Banana Robber / Enid Blyton

1. Simple Handmade Storage
2. Home & Furnishing
3. Naturalist (many copies)
4. Health & Beauty, etc, etc