Poll: Traffic chaos in USJ Taipan

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  • Traffic enforcement from 10am - 10pm

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  • Create one-way roads around Taipan

    10 38.46%
  • Create pedestrain mall at specific hours

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  • On-the-Spot tow-away of illegal-parking vehicles

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Thread: Poll: Traffic chaos in USJ Taipan

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    jeffooi Guest

    Lightbulb Poll: Traffic chaos in USJ Taipan

    THE STAR Metro
    Thursday, October 24, 2002

    Metro Mail
    Traffic chaos in USJ Taipan

    I write with disgust over the lack of control or co-ordination between the police and Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) in USJ.

    I live in USJ 8 and have to come to terms with the lack of discipline among motorists in USJ.

    People park their cars indiscriminately and block traffic. The Taipan area is a madhouse in the afternoon and at dinnertime.

    I have also encountered a road bully in Taipan.

    The police should go around USJ Taipan during the peak times and summon those who park wherever they liked.

    I was driving out of Goodyear Court 5 when this Honda CRV suddenly reversed straight into my path. I honked and looked at him.

    He began shouting but I couldnít hear as my windows were up.

    As I slowly eased out of that area, the man followed me and then tried to run me off the road.

    I pretended not to know and carried on driving. At one point he was in front of me and suddenly stopped, wound down his window and waved his baseball bat. I passed him on his right.

    He sped ahead of me to the traffic lights and got down from his vehicle. I stopped about three cars away as I didnít want to risk becoming his victim. He was still shouting and screaming all this while.

    I hope reading this makes us think about what sort of world we live in.

    Subang Jaya.


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    jeffooi Guest


    I understand that booking of traffic/parking offences within a municipality comes under the jurisdiction of the local authority (Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan).

    In the case of USJ Taipan, the power to enforce traffic regulations falls in the hand of MPSJ.

    As the municipal council, not the police, collects parking fees in gazetted areas within its municipality, it also has the responsibility to ensure orderly parking and ample parking spaces.

    The Police cannot be blamed in the case of USJ Taipan as it is not within their jurisdiction.

    However, help from the traffic police can be arranged to regulate traffic flows during peak hours for areas not within their jurisdiction.

    The presence of traffic police at the Summit Juntion, for example, was arranged with the understanding of the local authority (MPSJ), the Traffic Police Department and the Malaysian Highway Authority.

    However, I do not know how JPJ and the Traffic Police dept sort out their jurisdiction along federal roads and (tolled) expressways.


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    USJ 11


    I agree that the traffic can be a harrowing experience in Taipan, especially during dinner time. This is due to the fact that many people double park to run into a shop for 5-10 mins. What these people fail to realise is that if everyone starts doing these '5 mins' stops (and sometimes this happens for both sides of the traffic flow), they are inadvertantly causing a bottle neck and the already heavy traffic in Taipan can come to a standstill.

    I understand that if one needs to run into the shop for a minute or so and to find a car park in Taipan itself can be a nightnmare but I appeal to those to be a little more considerate. Some drivers have the nerve to just sit and ignore that fact that he is causing a jam.

    Some suggestions:
    1) If you are driving alone, find a spot that you are sure will not be an obstruction to traffic. There are ample carparks in the main carpark in the centre of taipan Triangle. If you want to risk a fine and illegally park for a few short minutes, by all means...it's a calculated risk you take BUT for goodness sake, please don't obstruct traffic.

    2) If you have someone to drop you off to run an errend, he/she can wait in the car for you but please tell this person to be sensitive to the flow of traffic. If traffic is building up,.. please move. It really will help if everyone just goes 1 or 2 rounds around the block before coming back to the spot to pick you up.

    I must say that there are many courteous and considerate drivers in taipan too. However, once in a while you come across real IDIOTS that think that they have a god given right to block traffic. it is these people that should be slapped with a fine or two to 'educate' them on road ethics.

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    Subang Jaya

    Taipan 2 at USJ 21

    The road conditions at TAIPAN I at usj 10 can be greatly improved if is more attractive to shop in TAIPAN II at usj 21. I would suggest to MPSJ to widen the road leading to and exiting out from USJ 21 as it is very inconvenient to enter/exit the area at the moment.

    To make things worse, there is a 4D shop just next to the main road and a lot of people illegally parked their cars on the main road leading to the entrance to USJ 21 instead of parking inside the area.(just to buy 4D !) This causes massive traffic jams at times for people going to the LDP highway.

    The ideal situation.

    1. People north of subang jaya (until usj 3) would go to SS 15.

    2. People in the middle of subang jaya (usj 4 - usj 15) would go to taipan I.

    3. People at the south of subang jaya (usj 16 - usj 27, putra heights) would go to taipan II. Right now, all residents to the south of subang jaya would prefer to go to taipan I as they have better variety of shops !!!

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    There have been at least three occasions when I have come across a police car illegally parked in front of the RHB Bank, which is one of the most congested street in Taipan, though the driver is in. I wonder id the local council would take action against their orang sendiri??

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    jeffooi Guest


    To those who have digital camera, please take shots at these
    police/enforcement officers who park illegally in Taipan and send
    them to edteam@usj.com.my.


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    Good news folks. It appears like relieve is in sight!

    On Wednesday 23 October at about 1.30 pm in Taipan, I had the pleasure to witness a most satisfying sight...enforcement action by the police and MPSJ personnel, with tow truck and all.

    There was no talk, no discussion, no whistle...just plain action. The lone policeman accompanying the MPSJ staff was busily writing summons whilst MPSJ did their towing excercise. There was even a situation where an airport limousine driver ran back to his car before it was towed away but the MPSJ staff ignored his plea and carried on with their job. Rightly or wrongly, I still support MPSJ's staff action. I always maintain that if one is brave enough to break the law, one should be brave enough to face it. Whether he came back to the car in time or not, the fact remains that he had broken the law in the first instant. I dont sympathize with such offenders.

    I gave the thumbs up to the police officer and the MPSJ staff from my car. And now, to whoever was reponsible for initiating such action, I say Syabas and Thank You. And we need MORE of such actions to spare the agony of the other motorists who are law abiding. Join me to congratulate the authorities responsible.

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    jeffooi Guest

    Thumbs up

    Syabas! MPSJ and the police!
    Tow-away those cars on-the-spot!
    Have no mercy on them double and illegal parkers.

    But please do it consisitently, janganlah hangat-hangat tahi ayam aje

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    Well, finally the authorities are taking the Traffic rules and regulations seriously.

    It's high time to get some discipline back to the Traffic System.

    The best way to tell motorist that they must observe traffic rules and regulation is through their pockets - no two ways about it.

    Don't say you did not see this coming, if most of you had been reading your emails deligently, you should have noticed one sent out by the various USJ N/W Groups on behalf of the IPD Shah Alam on 7th October 2002 informing us of this crackdown.

    By the way the fine is from RM30 - RM300 excluding tow charges, as was informed.

    If you are one of those inconsiderate - could not be bothered -drivers involved, SERVES YOU RIGHT.
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    Well, it's about time. I hope there would also be some stern actions that include the people who double or triple park and wait in the car. These are as much of a nuisance as those who leave their cars parked and go off. I have driven behind drivers who suddenly decided to swerved to the 'side' and wait for their passengers. Considering the width of our roads in Taipan, it is as much of a havoc as the other kind of double, triple-parkers and includes rude, nasty drivers who glare at you when you honked them for blocking the road in the first place.

    One evening in in front of the Magnum, the line ahead of me was very long and looking out of my car window, I found the line ahead ending with an incoming car trying to squeeze thru an incoming line and this line ended with a Kancil next to me (going the opposite way), a passenger in the car pretending nothing is happening. When I honked at it to move on, he gestured to the Magnum shop nearby and there the driver was standing at the entrance, checking his Magnum tickets. Talk about inconsiderate idiots and their moronic actions.

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    jeffooi Guest
    See no evil, hear no evil...
    Lee Hwa Beng service centre shifting out of Taipan

    Could it be traffic having become unbearable in Taipan?
    Or lease expiry?

    But LHB is shifting out from November 1, 2002, his announcement:


    This is to notify you that our Service Centre will move to the
    following address with effect from 1st November 2002.

    NO. 17, JALAN USJ 1/6A,
    (JALAN MEWAH 5/2)
    47610 SUBANG JAYA
    TEL: 8023 6580
    FAX: 8023 6549

    Location Map

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    Folks I just received an email from the Deputy President of MPSJ which is self explanatory. May I suggest that those who sokong the current 'drive' by the authorities make yourselves heard. Let us not be the silent majority. Give your written support to MPSJ at
    arpah@mpsj.gov.my and the Mentri Besar at khir@selangor.gov.my

    Incidentally, yesterday afternoon the police on bikes were out in force issuing summons at Taipan again. Hopefully, they will keep this up for a while.

    The email from the Dep. President reads:

    Despite the support from the public we are facing a major challlenge from the louder ones who has gone to the state for towing to be suspended not only in MPSJ but othe municipalities as well. May be you ought to be loud as well. We'll keep you posted for new development.

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