Break-in in USJ 5/1
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    Exclamation Break-in in USJ 5/1

    My hse was broke-in last weekend when all of us were not in. We left our home on Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday nite. We were so shocked how this thing happened since USJ 5 has a security and 24hrs gated. We suspected the robbery was done on the Sat. nite during the heavy rains .They cut the chain that we used to lock the gate as well as the grill padlock. They even left behind the cutter with its packaging. Maybe they just bought it.
    They straight away went to the master bedroom and others room, they didn’t taken anything downstairs coz my laptop and some of the cash inside the bag that we left downstairs are not been taken. They took our jewellary, hubby’s laptop (left in our room), hubby’s branded watch collection. Our estimated losses is about 70-80k since all the watches are limited edition or special edition…we were so frustrated on this incident coz we thought we were living in a security neighborhood with 24hrs security guard patrolling. According to the police station, the robbery maybe done by professional, they using branded cars to blur the security guard.
    So frens out there, be careful of this burglars since they can do robbery even though there is a security in your place……

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    Out of curiosity, how many houses are there in this GnG area?

    If its not much trouble, shouldn’t all residence register their names at the guard house. So if there is any visitor, the guard house should be calling in the residence of their presence to accept the visitor?

    Am I missing something here?

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    Sorry to hear of your loss. More unfortunate if you have been contributing to the security services.

    By right the whole of USJ 5 area is easiest to secure because the whole enclave is like an island with only 5 entries to control. While USJ 5/1 is a guarded area, stricter access controls cannot be enforced because there are those living amongst you who are opposed to stringent checks in the name of freedom of access and what nought.

    I am sure there will be another round of debate here. I feel sorry for civil society where basic rights like safety and security become an issue of debate.

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