Dear beloved members,

My name is Jin Aun and I may be interested to provide Physics and Add Maths tutoring to students who are sufficiently interested in those subjects.

This is my educational background:

1 Masters of Space Studies from the International Space University in France

2. Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours) from the Australian National University

3. Bachelor of Science (Advanced) majoring in Physics and Mathematics from Sydney University

4. Have worked as a part time tutor teaching First Year students at the University of Sydney

I am currently working as an Engineer at Malaysia's satellite company MEASAT, but due to the fact that engineering is boring (at least compared to physics; and yes, there is a difference) I am considering tutoring interested and dedicated students in Physics and Mathematics. Students from Form 4 up to STPMers and also A level students are most welcome.

My emphasis in teaching will be in letting the student gain a fundamental and deeper understanding of physics and mathematics, so students don't have to memorize stuff like crazy. Besides, it's more fun understanding than simply memorizing. So if anybody is interested, PM me. Students who have a passion for physics and mathematics are especially welcome.

I plan to hold tutorial sessions at the Hypermedia library in USJ 9 Subang Jaya. Tutorial sessions will be highly informal and sessions will last roughly from 1 hour to 90 minutes.

If interested please contact me!

Jin Aun