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    Canabalised Cars

    Today, you have witness hundreds of canabalised cars outlet. Although it is a legitimate business,, I wonder who monitors it. I am inclined to believed that some of these outlets are fences for car thieves.

    Nobody minds a cheaper second handed car parts but by our own thirst for cheapness we are creating a demand for car jacking. Finally we may end up as victim ourselves. Lets end this scourge, Say no to second hand parts.
    When the demand stops so is the supply.

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    This industry is and always been a big racket, beneficial and very lucrative to many parties. Reduction or stopping of individual purchases don't help or improve the situation. Whatever individual observation is only the tip of the iceberg. There's many many parties and individuals involved in this industry.

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    When new models, for example the Camry and Hilux, first appeared, there were many car jackings because they feed these cannibalized car yards. Yes, some are stolen (for example the E-class and 5-series) for exports but most of the rest are for these second-hand car parts businesses.

    Who monitor the trade? Nobody because nobody cares....

    Someone from USJ went for a teh tarek last year and never came back, they found his body in some oil palm estate a week later and his Hilux disappeared too, it is just another statistic, sadly. The truth is nobody in Malaysia really care and thats really sad. We as responsible citizens must always discuss and talk and write about this, thats the least we can do as our part to make the changes... difficult you would say but we must still try!

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    Not all 'kedai potong' deals with stolen parts... Most of the parts are actually imported from Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore where they have car-scrapping policies.. This is big business especially in Japan where crashed cars are cheaper to scrap than to be repaired. And where do these scrapped cars go to?? All over the world.

    As for stolen 'hot list' cars, they usually don't end up in chop-shop here.. It's more lucrative to sell the car as a whole than to chop it up for parts... And most syndicates actually had a 'shopping list' drafted before the car is actually stolen. And most goes straight into shipping container and out as soon as come. Talk about Just-In-Time inventory control...

    Some of the stolen cars not 'exported' would have be 'reborned' with seemingly legitimate 'birth cert' and sold as used car... Again, not going to the kedai potong.

    There are of course black sheeps in the trade dealing with stolen parts. Can't close the whole trade because of these few blacksheeps...

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    Cannibalizing car parts for sale is illegal in Malaysia so bona fide chop chop shops do not deal with them. These parts have serial numbers so it can be traced to them in the event someone investigates. Of course, there are always black sheeps.

    Usually stolen cars end up in Thailand or in the oil palm estates. Some of these estates are bigger than SJ/USJ put together. Inside these estates are a whole world that goes on and vehicles usually do not have road tax as they are on private land. Once your vehicle disappear inside, habis lah.

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