Save 20% or more on TNB Bill?? Ture??
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Thread: Save 20% or more on TNB Bill?? Ture??

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    Save 20% or more on TNB Bill?? Ture??

    Anyone heard of or used the below product before? Does it really work? Or just another scam?

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    There is a lot of Power Saving Device that will work due to technical & engineering gadget.
    Your electrical devices are with UP-TO-DATE TECHNOLOGY which it is already on power-saving.
    If you are already using a TURBO-CHARGED ENGINE, the improvement from using V-POWER may not be as much if you are comparing with a NORMAL ENGINE.

    In advertisement, it is normally stated as SAVING UP TO XX %. Drill to the details and you will find out that only few item can have such high saving.

    If they can offer "MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE", no harm trying, right?
    Anyway, it is better than the "TNB" which offer 2.5% reduction, BETUL?
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    That gadget is roughy just a capacitor to increase lagging power factor. Lagging power factor occur where one's premise is dominant of air cons, flourecent lighting or appliances with electrical motors. By comparison, its almost negligible or very little savings if say a house is all with incandecent bulbs for general lighting. Its likely assumed most homes are with flourecent lighting. The trick is to install a capacitor in each flourecent fitting. Yes, that capacitor does cost a few ringgit a piece and usually not fitted as standard here. Why?.. fitting manufacturer cut cost and corners.

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