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I was referring to selective persecution. I was also talking about unfair implementation of the law. Not all VIPs got exemption.

So, basically I was referring to 'what is' and 'what should be'.

Oh it also doesn't mean every Ah Seng and Ah Lian have to drive T51 just because you drive one. Everyone has a right to drive a car with tinted glass if approved and should not be subjected to unfair enforcement.

And if the tinted glass on recond cars are not allowed, don't approve the APs, simple as that.
Aiyah... this is where the system went wrong. But this thread is on 'heavy' tinting lah.

Of course, every1 can drive what they want but when i went out and bought something with a borderline legalthingy, then i am expecting to be forever, face-off with the 'bullying ,bias & blur sotong' enforcement officers...

AP on recons with heavy tint? Aiyah again, separate issue lah.

I too have had my more than fair share of been stopped/questioned on the legality of Juicy Lucy's SuperTrapp

The recent boleh-development, all our full face imported helmets meeting USA, UK, OZ, Japo safety standards BUT no malaysia-boleh sirim sticker are deemed unsafe & illegal, and can be confiscated at any roadblock! how then?

Yang Blur sotong latotupai