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Thread: Work or study, what do u think?

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    Work or study, what do u think?

    i've been laid off by my employer and i wonder should i find a new job or go back to study to improve my skill and knowledge... i obviously knew that i'm not capable in multi-tasking and lacking the confidence in speaking in public... i really feel sad about this. read on this page regarding Enrolment to Employment Program, this is what i need. and i think i should have attended this kind of career focused education and training last time... why my college din provide this? sigh... what do u guys think? shld i go for this or get a job again?

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    " ... lacking the confidence in speaking in public ..."

    I can understand this situation because I have the similar problem also.

    May be u can find a job that not required to speak in public too often.

    Good Luck !

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    You can continue working ie look for another job and consciously learn and develop your public-speaking skills by getting involved in things happening in the company like the employees recreation club or any special company projects. It does not mean you can pick up and learn these skills by attending a class or special lessons.

    Depending on your economic status, if you can afford it, then by all means go ahead and learn the skills by attending classes, otherwise my advice to you is just pick these skills up as you work, by observing, by active participation. Talk to a colleague, find a mentor, and discuss your problems and ask him/her (mentor) to guide you in improving your public-speaking skills....

    One thing you must accept : Never to be shy about your weakness, nobody in this world is perfect. Everyone has to learn sometime or other in their individual life.... have the confidence and move on.

    Watching the right TV programs can also help you improve your public-speaking skills and confidence.

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    i think it's difficult to find a job in this period, my friend has been hunting for new job since last November, still not getting any 'reasonable' offer. so if u have some saving, i think study could be a better option in this harsh period... looking at the "E2E" programme u mentioned, i see those companies get involved/partnered in the programme are well-established, so maybe it's a gd try for u. either studying or working, i think u must build up ur confidence in speaking. remember ur purpose is to communicate and deliver the message properly, so just keep this in mind when u speak in public and u will feel satisfied when the message is delivered clearly to ur audience. don't pur pressure on urself, speak to deliver message, that's all. so all d best.

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