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Thread: Door painting

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    Quote Originally Posted by USJ27Resident
    Actually, you're spot on... the VERY REASON why 'solid' wooden doors are painted... to HIDE the imperfections, fillings and the flaws...
    No lah. Wood would have imperfectations anyhow. Its of course color painting would hide nearly all from the sharp-eyed and more critical if it was a piece of furniture. But for a door, (unless you're a perfectionist and anyone going through might harbor a comment) can be forgiving on surface imperfectation. There's a lot of wood based putty available in the market to ffix the problem. Proper varnishing is NOT supposed to be a one step easy for everyone process. Various layers from sealer to lacquer coat have to be gradually applied, but excellent surface preperation is paramount and thats the one thats time consuming. Last job I did was sanded down everything to a 50 year old colonial type teak dining table to remove the old varnish then spray paint with ICI Timbertone of my choice. Its now 6 years past and the finish is still immaculate. Little did I realize that same teak table I saw was being sold at nearly Rm3K. Yep, its from my family heirloom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bslee
    No lah. Wood would have imperfectations anyhow..
    imperfections as in dents, color, fillings, cracks and whatnots... wood grains are not imperfection... it is natural mah,... no two doors would be the same if the grains are not covered with gloss paint...

    you should see our front door and our dining table... TEAK !!

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    FYI and peace of mind...Find a reputable company when buying a completely new in frame etc, the whole works. Had a bad experience with a shop in Bdr Puteri Puchong. Needless to say was doorless for weeks. Then glass for sides were measured and made another few weeks. Promised delivery dates just got postponed through Hari Raya and Divali. Before down payment, we were told completion is within 2 weeks.
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