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...he is the most corrupt leader of our nation....Present one ... can thank his SIL for his current problems - greed, arrogance and stupidity, a fatal combination.
Just a small reminder to our members that with each passing day and each comment to this sort of ideology will probably one day get you commentators into the deep end of the sewer.

This is a final warning to all who make such unsubstantiated and unrestrained comments - Where is your evidence to substantiate your statement? It is better you ask this question yourself before you post to the Forum than for you to be hauled to court and get your pants sued off. All things posted to a public forum remains permanent evidence of your comments and unless you can stand by it, do not make such statements

Let me make a public note here that I am not removing this and other similar comments by the persons responsible because I want it to stand as an example of what-not-to-do. I am also exposing the people responsible and accountable for making these statements in a public forum.
Note: I am using PYWong's comments as an example, not saying he is the only one doing that.

Please remember, just because your party won the election, it does not mean you can be arrogant. You live in Malaysia and there are local laws that can make you wish you hadn't said something, sometime in your past. This is not a trivial warning. This is a fact of life. If you were in Singapore, you would probably have lost your underwear yesterday.

However, if anyone of you wish to follow my advice, please PM me the location of your comments that you wished removed and I can do you that small favour.