Just a reminder that this Forum is well visited and perhaps also monitored by the authorities.

Before the elections on 8 March 2008, a number of members took the liberty to post pro-opposition comments to this Forum. After the election results, those of you who were happy with the results flooded the Forum with your emotions. Fortunately there were no sensitive comments that needed serious reprimand from the forum admin.

However, if for any reason, someone wanted to create trouble for the Forum, they could attempt to post seditious statements to the Forum. Sometimes, some of you may make a wrong statement that turns out sounding bad.

For that reason, may I invite you to read a reminder here which I have put in the channel "About This Forum". That channel (or sub-forum) contains pointers for new members to read. For those of you who hadn't visited that channel, you could find useful information there.

Do read "Be accountable for your comments" which is precisely the reminder to be aware of what you say on the Forum. Please note that once you post a comment, it cannot be removed by you after 30 minutes. You can still retract your statement within the half-hour.