Selling Old Furniture
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Thread: Selling Old Furniture

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    Selling Old Furniture

    I want to dispose of my sofa and some chairs.

    I heard of that is a shop in SS14 does that, but don't know the exact location or its contact number.

    Any recommendation on shop which accept second hand furniture? It will be better if it come and get them.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Depends on what you mean by dispose. If you intend to sell to those Used Furniture shops, then they are quite picky. Sofa sets must come with coffee table. If you want to give to charity, you can call them up for free pick-up but even that must be in good condition. They turn down my hardwood cushion sofa set because the supporting bamboos have turn crisp and fragile, but I've added another ply of hardwood to support but they decline.

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