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Thread: Dell laptop better or compaq

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    I am a software consultant before. I always recommend my clients to buy DELL, even though i don't have profit as Dell don't have reseller commission. This is because, they have "on-site" services which is so important and efficient. I hate going to those dealer sending goods there and then pick it up later. It is so troublesome and cost me traveling cost too.

    Go for the 3 years optional pening kepala. Well, one thing that i don't like about dell is the limited range on design. I understand they have started to do something fancy these few years.

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    can always go to 7-11 to get a debit card, top it up and use as credit card.

    Afraid bank draft will go missing dunno which department go.

    If you like DELL why not go to their store at IT Mall Sec 14 PJ when u r at pj

    At the top most level, IT ALL, Fujitsu only selling Rm1,999 with 3 years warranty.

    --> u sure 7-11 got such thing?i've never heard from anyone bout it before...need to register any account or what? the last time i've been to 7-11 like few months back buying mole points(gaming cash) for gaming..mind to brief me on how the card looks like? there any extra charge or what??..if bank draft is RM8 if i'm not mistaken..thanks for ur kind feedback

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    Laptop HP520 is good enough. If you guys are looking for a smaller size, go for HP2133. Small (1.19kg) yet powerful.
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