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Thread: UMW Toyota Still Suxx Big Time.....

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    What happened to the Citroen showroom or workshop which was on the other end of the same street?

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    it seems to me that we have become very accepting of this "must book 2 weeks in advance" concept!

    I really think that this is not right and totally not good customer service. If all their service centres are booked solid for 2 weeks or more, then toyota really needs to build larger centres...

    I go the Honda centre at USJ 8 - it's huge, and there's never any need to make an appointment. Good customer service too, from the people i've dealt with. Free wifi and drinks too!

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    Dont u realised that the service center in USJ is a small one?

    Do a little planning dude and send it to somewhere bigger....


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    I drive a camry too and you are right it takes a week or two for you to book a slot. Once you get your slot, it's all systems go. I have enjoyed their service (Jiran Anda at SS14). Their service advisor called Sundar is professional (I just hope he will stop caling me sir all the time ) They can even pick your car up and send it back for just RM 10. This service is limited to Subang only.

    They call me a day after service to ensure that all is right. I am an avid survey follower too. Everytime I do that, I get a RM 20 coupon. I suggest you book your service dates earlier, have a little patience and it should be right.

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    Last time I checked, they do have wi-fi....
    Not sure if it was from a neighbouring transceiver tho...

    I tested with my PDA for wireless (default) connection.

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    My two weeks ago appointment was settled yesterday at their Jln 217 SC.

    I arrived at 9.01... according to their ticket no.
    Was attended by thair Service Advisor in about 5 mins.
    I was fortunate to see my car from the lounge being drived in from the sun at 10.30am.
    They (the mechanics) completed at about 11am. The car was right infront of me also!.
    The supervisor came to test the car at 11.27am and drive the car for washing.
    I got my car back at 12.23!

    wow! my car only needs 30mins to change minyak hitam and filter.
    Everytime I go got system problem, even yesterday, ending up writing to me manually.

    After the 3 years warranty, probably will send outside and going to them for major service.

    Yestreday,I see about 30 people waiting for their vehicles at the lounge.

    Hmmmm they have some serious work flow problem... many people missing from their place/seat ... far too long...

    I am waiting for their call today... like 9w2wil says... if it comes

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwchang
    My family own Toyotas and I know Sentinel loves Toyotas too but he seems to get into problems with their service.

    I have NEVER had any real problems with the service and I only send it to the Jiran shop in SS14 across the highway from Summit. My secret is I keep a log of our Toyotas' mileage and from that i can accurately project the service date. Usually I book for the service at least 2 weeks in advance and I have no problems with the appointments if I did not choose weekends (they are usually fully booked at least a month in advance).

    If you can't get service at this shop, you should try Shah Alam (there are 2 there) or Puchong (one in the industrial area behind the Naza outlet and another nearer Dengkil) or PJ (one near Jalan 222 beside the Federal Highway and another one in Section 19, near Jaya Supermarket) - so, there are lots of service centers to select from within a small area.
    I think you totally miss the point Chang. I mentioned that we tried 3 centres ie Penang's Farquhar Street, SS14 and Section 19 PJ, all 3-4 weeks.

    And we also keep the mileage records of our cars all along.

    It is the duty of the company to provide service as and when customers need them. A few days or a week wait is fair but a 3-4 weeks wait is ridiculous especially they are also making money from these service centres.

    The truth is it is happening MAINLY to UMW Toyota and thats ridiculous!

    UMW Toyota should be more responsible to their customers by ansuring they get good and prompt service and not iconvenience their customers as well as the new car-owners who are buying Toyotas because the queue gets longer and the inconvenience grow.......

    I disagree with your POV, I think the UMW Toyota service really suxxx... I would tell potential Toyota buyers not to think just twice before committing to Toyota, think thrice!

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