On 3 January, wifey went to UMW Toyota service center in Subang Jaya (opposite the Buddhist Centre) to get an appoinment for a regular service for Camry. Since she couldn't get a service appointment in Penang in more than 2 weeks' time, she decided to try Subang Jaya since she's back here with me for about 10 days.

Was she shocked shen the service centre can only service her car on 19 January at the earliest. Reason given : the centre can only service 23 cars a day and there is a long waiting list. Now, wasn't the same number of cars serviced per day (ie 23) given as an excuse 2-years ago when I was posting love-notes in this same forum (using my then-nick GreenBug)? So, what has changed since 2 years ago, UMW Toyota? Looks like your service level and attitude towards Customer Service still suxx big time 2 years down the road?

Talking about service, are you aware that by launching your new Camry model into the market when you do not even have the cars nor the import APs are hurting your loyal customers? The current-model just spin-dived in their market resale value. A good-condition early 2005 2.4V model has dropped its resalevalue from a OTR price of RM168,000 to RM90,000 in just less than 2 years.... Current-model owners cannot do anything because there are no new Camrys for sale too at your showroom, probably until May or June, now thats killing your loyal customers for the sake of trying to be ahead with a new model of the Accord or the forthcoming Mazda SP6, a V6 2.3 sports version thats gonna hit the Camry left-right-and-centre!

Back to service centres, it is now a well-known fact that service centres are now profit-centres and we do not see why you cannot increase your service centres although we see you're pushing so much more in selling more units. Unless you take care of this, you're being very unfair towards your loyal customers.

Something is very wrong with UMW Toyota approach. I am just one customer and I buy Toyota because I feel its a better marque but there is a limit on how you treat your loyal customers. Please, have more concern with your customers, you shouldn't treat them like this.