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Thread: Subang Jaya Active Road Map

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    Subang Jaya Active Road Map

    I've seen long searching high and low for an active road map for Subang Jaya on the internet which could be optimized by subang-jayans and the best I managed is at " " though slightly off towards sunway at "".

    Under the virtual map, to go to Subang Jaya, one has to click westwards then zoom down to at least level 5 of level 7 then click north, south, east or west depending on what you want to see. [You may have to click a few times] They even took the problem to indicate the name of the roads which is really cool!

    See attachment for sample.
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    Thank you badaveil. This website was taken down for "renovation" more than a year and I didn't know that it is available now with such great enhancement as to incorporate the satellite image. While it was taken off I usually use to navigate around. Both websites are very useful especially when we want to direct people to where we are mentioning be it an event venue or landmark. My suggetion to all is to mark this as your Favourite.

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    to get maps of Subang jaya and USJ, go to

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