Unfortunately, driving experience from Jln Klang Lama TMN OUG to Mid Valley hasnt been that pleasant, whilest driving back is a breeze (from Mid Valley to OUG).

To give everyone a rough idea what i am saying....here goes

The problem is located in 3 main sections, right after passing Pearl Point Hotel to your right hand side. To your immediate left will be Public Bank, on a busy afternoon this would be a bottle neck; main culprit is obviously Public Bank who usually attracts droves of customers who park on the road side creating obstruction.

Down the road not far from Public bank would the exit to Kuchai Lama (sg Besi highway). The turning is located on the right hand side, whilst a bunch of shop lots is stacked on the left. Again Bottle neck number 2, as people tend to obstruct traffic by either trying to park or reversing out into the main road.

Further down the road, the final check point Maybank needless to say like public bank it attracts even more customers. The Maybank is located on the left hand side, whilst another exit is located on the right creating another bottles neck. Lack of parking is obviously an issue here, should the local authority do smthing abt this??

People are simply parking their vehicles diagonally, horizontally or they just cut right in and ditch their vehicle by the road side.

Next on the topic flash floods in JLn Klang Lama, goosshh i wonder how long the list will go?