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Thread: police report: how to get back

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    police report: how to get back

    How do I get back my aunty police report on her accident since she can still claim for compensation on losses for not able to drive the car. It has been 3 years and she lost the report, do the police still keep the report or the workshop?
    How about going to the car workshop who did the repair, do you think they still keep a record of more than 3 yrs old. My aunty's husband is the one who took the car for repair for her husband is now away and they dun have the contact number nor address and I am figuring out whether it is a worthwhile effort to approach the workshop.

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    3 years old record? You can forget about it. To get back from the police? You're kidding right? Do you think they will be efficient enough to fulfil your request? Even if they could, you will most likely need some 'duit kopi' in order to get the favour. And this coffee is the most expensive one you can get in the global market for sure.

    Your only option is the workshop. But then again, I don't think they will keep records for 3 years as they are not like a law firm you know. Paper works are not important to them.

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