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    RapidKL Bus Services

    New Bus Service north of KL from March 18.

    Back on Jan 16, RapidKL introduced the City Shuttles, unlimited service between 5 different "hubs" in the city centre, for only RM2. The use of the service has steadily increased...and so has the jam of buses on the roads of the KL City Centre.

    I have just found out that on march 18, Rapid KL will begin the second major step in restructuring the RapidKL bus service.

    New Service
    On March 18, the new service will begin in the areas of Kepong, Selayang, Bt. Caves, Sentul, and Gombak. RapidKL will introduce two new types of buses.
    These will be the tempatan buses (Local buses) and the bus utama (trunk/major buses).

    The local buses will service many stops on the way to a major suburban point, such as an LRT station, or a mall or bus station. From that point, the passenger will have to board a trunk bus which will travel express to the Titiwangsa hub. At the Titiwangsa hub, the passenger will board the City Shuttle, or the Monorail, or the LRT, for further travel into the city centre.

    So, the main difference is this: instead of one bus serving all points from suburb to city centre, there will be 3 buses: shuttle service at the outer end of the route, shuttle service inside the KL city centre, and express bus service in between.

    Local Bus routes: 35 when service is fully in place
    These routes will be signed 200-235.

    Major Bus routes: 4 express buses to Titiwangsa will be introduced on March 18. There are 3 express buses that will not go to KL, but will service the suburbs. These will be introduced later.

    The express buses to Titiwangsa will be signed 2T1-2T4, and the express local buses will be signed 2S1-2S3.

    City Shuttle Routes: Currently 5 City Shuttle routes (101-104, 109) service the Titiwangsa Hub.

    The cost of the local bus will be RM1
    The cost of the trunk bus will be RM2
    The cost of the City Shuttle will be RM2

    Each of these tickets will get you unlimited use on that type of bus only.

    A daily pass for unlimited bus service alone will cost RM4.
    A daily pass for unlimited bus service and LRT service will cost RM7.

    Other Service
    Service to Puchong will begin in April, and service to USJ and Subang should begin in May or June (according to a supervisor at KL Sentral Station).

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