Just wanted to share my experience - I installed an RDS9 swing arm autogate in Nov 05' AND I have experienced nothing but pure sheer dissapointment with the works.

Within 3 months, I've had 2 breakdowns plus the inconvenience of going back to manual opening for at least 2 weeks.

In case any of you are thinking of installing this particular brand, think twice and then think a few more times again.

This is not a cheap unit so one do not expect it to break down so many times!
Some may say autogate is a luxury item, but with the high crime rate around this area, at least it provides additional security feature for the family, where one don't have to get down from the car to open and close the gate.

Plus an additional word of advice... Make sure you know the installer and the dealer is not some fly-by-night small-timer. I made the mistake by listening to a reputable CIDB Class C electrical contractor who introduced this dealer to me. I did not check him up thoroughly. So make sure you KNOW who you'll be dealing with!

Posted on behalf of HO W.L. (A USJ Resident)


So, folks pls take note!