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    Female dachshund found in USJ 2

    my friend found a dog and hand me the dog in the afternoon February 16th 2014. it's a Female Dachshund (sausage dog). It's fat and she doesn't have any collar on when first found. here's a picture....
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    [WTS] Recycle needed.

    Hi there i'm looking for company that buy recycle goods and does pick up service. we have more than 16,000 book of brochure and want to recycle it. couldn't find any on Google. please help :confused:
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    White spitz dog found at usj 13


    White Spitz found. About 6 years. Was wearing a red old collar (little torn). very docile. but have weak hind legs. Please call number stated if this is your dog. dog will be put up for...
  4. Poll: Hi, that's fresh to me.. i didn't know about...

    Hi, that's fresh to me.. i didn't know about that. but i believe the docs will do the job ;) will discuss with the doctor about this matter .. becuz it's my first time hearing things like that hehe :p
  5. Poll: "Give Blood, Save Life" Blood Donation Campaign

    Heya "neighbours",

    Am pleased to share that Yayasan Guan Yin is organizing another "Give Blood, Save Life" Blood Donation Campaign together with the Transfusion Medicine Unit of University Malaya...
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