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  1. I will take care of him
  2. Mr Chang,

    Well I did get a barrage of accusations from Mercure through Sentinel's thread about the Petronas CEO. I thought what I stated was more like summarising what the article in the EDGE said about about the Petronas CEO that he is on his way out...rumours...maybe I forgot to add that. Is it justified to receive the negative comments from Mercure? I thought the person Mercure should attack is Sentinel. If I posted a wrong statement then please correct me and give me a banana.
  3. Mr Chang,

    I take offence in Rhiga naming me "bestial" in his recent reply to me. Name calling is not our culture is it? He is entitled to his opinions as I to mine but name calling is the pits.
  4. Mr Chang can you delete one of the double posts I did in the "Subang Crane Fallen Down Again" thread? My pc froze this morning and somehow I did a double post. Apologies.
  5. Mr Chang, please delete my thread "part of Penang Bridge collapsed!" Didn't see Kuma's post in "another freak accident" thread. Apologies
  6. Kwchange just a soft reminder about deleting the jpgs. Thanks
  7. Please delete the photos of the burglar on post number #34 on 20.09.2012 at 7.40 pm in thread "Warning to all apartment/condo owners". Shouldn't have done that. Apologies, as investigation is on going.
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