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24-10-2005, 12:45 AM
The Centre for Independent Journalism (http://www.cijmalaysia.org) (CIJ) is organising a Journalism Skills Training that will be run over 2 days.

This training is designed to expose non-journalists to the world of newsmaking. Participants are taken through the principles of journalism to understand the values that drive the profession; issues that confront journalist; how news is defined and produced; and ethical considerations in the profession.

The rationale for the training is two-fold; to serve the burning questions from those who always wanted to know what goes on in the backrooms of news reporting - in other words, why some stories got in and the rest, well, out; and to provide an opportunity to people who want to be citizen reporters.

A citizen reporter is exactly that: a citizen who does reporting. With new technologies and changes in the media landscape, this is indeed a difficult topic to address, but it definitely worth trying.

This sharing of knowledge and experience with non-journalists helps us in several ways:

You will understand the media and the environment in which it works, better

You can challenge the media more effectively

You can offer different perspectives to news stories that sometimes don't make it in the major newspapers or television stations

At the end of the training, we hope that you will be an informed news consumer, and are encouraged to become a contributor yourself.

Date :
29 & 30 October 2005

Venue :
CIJ Training Centre (see map (http://www.cijmalaysia.org/contact.htm))

Fee :
RM 60.00 only

For more details and to register, visit CIJ's website (http://www.cijmalaysia.org/Journalism_Training.htm).

06-11-2005, 11:48 PM
Would like to go, but I'm broke and I can't hear. Notify me if you have anything catering for people like me.