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13-10-2005, 02:11 PM
Hey There!

How are you all? I'm new here. Just thought I'd introduce myself and give a desperate plea for help all in the one post.

I am an Journalism Honours student at Tunku Abdul Rahman University in Petaling Jaya, and as part of my ongoing project for my honours, I am required to research a subject of my choice - A Cyber-Ethnography of Video Gaming.

I currently have a survey running online, I figured this would be one of the better places to gather information simply because there are just so many video game players here.

It won't take you too much time on answering the questions. Your personal opinion are greatly welcome and the more you say would help my thesis better.

I'm really trying to get a good response so if some of you guys could fill it in I would really appreciate it. Also if you could pass the link on to others it would be a big help. The more responses I get the better.

If the mods of the board could also encourage some people to fill it in I'd forever be in-debted to you.

Thanks very much!

-Apple Teo

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Please fill out as much information as you are willing and do so to the best of your knowledge. All the information is optional and will be used as reference for a research paper debating the effects of video games.

Name: Age: Sex:


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.

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14-10-2005, 01:08 PM
Please fill out as much information as you are willing and do so to the best of your knowledge. All the information is optional and will be used as reference for a research paper debating the effects of video games.

Name: Age: Sex:

Q1.What kind of computer games do you play?
Q2.What makes you play computer games?

15-10-2005, 08:29 PM
Name :- Cactuc1 green plant
Age :- 27
Sex :- Eeeh..Male..

q1 . I like computer game that build things to fulfill missions..For example . Emperor , Space Colony , Zoo tycoon..Beside that war stregty games like ROME . Dungeon Siege1 and 2 , Star Wars RAngers, Age of Empire , Black and White , HomeWorld
Basically like building things (marco is better than micro..then too difficult) and also shooting games..Max Payne , Soldier of Fortune , Need for Speed , NBA basketball. Medal of Honor series , Blitzberg , Panzers .

q2..I play game to relax and waste time...Some violent games also nice as it acts a way for me to doing something that in real world is not possibble..For example ..Shot a guy head and see it explode! , drive a fast car , act as a gangster , build city , build zoo ,build an empire , fight fight..experiece war world 1 and 2 , commmand and conquer enemies etc..Also let be wizard ,warrior , angel , demons or control them..Role playing thingie fantasy thingie..keke..Basically to waste time.:P

I also play game to relax...Hence game that use too many brain power i don like.
Relaxing while playing game is nice...However , nowsdays i quit playing game..of hardwAre requirement are too taxing to my graphic card... too waste time as game are getting bigger and more complex...if i am freer i will play DUngeon siege 2.

19-10-2005, 06:33 PM
Name: JS
Age: 25
Sex: male

Q1.What kind of computer games do you play?
real time strategy , platform real time, adventure, sports.

Q2.What makes you play computer games?
1. The quality that attract consumers/ gamers
( quality such as , special effects, reality, game play of TREND & etc.,)

2. Remember trend also comes in place!
Trend plays an over lapping factor that draws gamers/ non-gamers
to play.

Tips : in the USA,exp: basketball & NFL (American Football), baseball are hits among gamers.
Why, because it relates back to the REALITY in social life's "INFLUENCE."
In asian countries, ppl are more keen to Football/ soccer games.
FIFA..and etc.

3. why none gamers, because they eventually get suck/ attracted/ addicted to it, through the '' FEATURES '' of game play.

4. FEATURES play a role. (u check that out yourself.)
(Task, actions & etc)

5. INFLUENCE ( that is why your doing this survey, and you have to find out yourself. i am tired of typing. )

THIS Are the few pointers/ factors that makes me or other ppl to play games.

Exp : as CACTUS 1/ BUDIMAN mentioned, why he is willing to play killing/ bombing games...

The KEY -factor is... the sense of reality given/ PROJECTED/ shown on COMPUTER GAMES with choice of many etc. factors..
Dear Ms.Appleteo,

If you would like to get more surveys, i ADVICE you use tickle.com 's survey.
After listing down your survey questions, send it to all your friends and ask them to send it to their friends and so on.

secondly : the survey will have a BRIEF determination to a certain degree of games that gamers perfer playing. and u get faster brief feedbacks

But it would not give u PRECISE indept ''POINTS'' to your , required Journalism project.

Your a degree student. U NEED REFERENCE and etc more much PRECISE surveys than this.

have a nice day.

You can email me, if you need more answers.
I will help if i am able.

19-10-2005, 06:38 PM
well i hope u get the answers.

the answers given are common entry level souce points.

but not INDEPT research answers, that will prove to your Lecturer or
slam your lecturer with a stunning answer that he/she will say...

[ WHO ARE YOU? / this is good! ]

well, this is my opinion/ suggestions/ information for your consumption is up to you to decide.
I guess you will know all this.

have a nice day.
all the best in your degree project.

20-10-2005, 11:30 AM
Name : Flamin' J
Age : 28
Sex : Male

Q1 : Most old type arcades like
a) Street Fighter 2 (Original)
b) Shinobi
c) Raiden
d) Outrun
and the list goes on

Q2 : I play to release stress and also to transport me to another level of conciousness.

Need more info? PM me lar... so interesting subject how to write that down in 2 answers..... :P

20-10-2005, 11:43 AM
Name: Kress (also answers to leng chai :D)
Age: 24
Sex : Yes, Please

Q1.What kind of computer games do you play?
All of them. RTS, FPS, even those whacked out japanese games ;)
Q2.What makes you play computer games?
Relaxation.. no friends marr so have to play games lor.... :(