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13-10-2005, 12:35 PM
Hie there!

John Ling is coming back this November and he will be launching his 2nd book, "The Darkening" on 10th december 2005.

I was thinking that maybe we could organise something this coming december for the USJ book club. Maybe, like always, we could all read up the book and then have a live forum, where John Ling will be invited and share his ideas with us in a Q & A session/open discussion.

For your info, John Ling's writings aren't like all typical action-thrillers. The Darkening uses triangulation with no stylized actions involved. As a religious person keen on warfare and humanitarian, John finds it barbaric to use human suffering as a form of entertainment. Therefore, his stories are straight to the point and are focused on the theme.

The Darkening is about the Darfur crisis in Sudan. John intends to highlight a little known practice called slave redemption. In certain parts of Africa, it is common for ethnic minorities to be sold into sexual slavery and forced labour. The media sheds no light on this and hardly anyone hears about it. It is a world sealed off from the mainstream of society, defined by its own rules.

According to John, The Darkening has the least action among all his work. It also encompasses the element of romance and friendship.

I'm saying this because many elitists tend to judge action-thrillers as not part of literature. But as a writer and a keen reader, I can tell that John's writing is a lot better than many mainstream literature. Another point worth applausing is the theme behind the book. I feel that we ought to lend those in suffering a voice, and that is exactly what John is doing.

So what do you say? Can we organise something like this? I am sure that John is more than willing to share and discuss about his book and the related issues.

John is currently residing in New Zealand, but he's coming back this holiday for the launch of his book, and will be returning in January. If we miss him this time, it will be long before he comes back again. Let's support local authors since they don't come around very often. For your information, John is only 22 and yet he's already a published author. Isn't that the spirit of Malaysia Boleh?

So, I'm really excited to do this for the community. Any supporters?

13-10-2005, 07:37 PM
Here's a preview of the book http://johnling.net/darkening_preview.pdf
Do share with us, what u think of it!