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05-10-2005, 02:32 AM
I signed this. I hope you will too.
Many drops make the mighty ocean.

Just in case you think that this faxing form of protest doesn't work (I used to think so), I've been advised by AI Malaysia before that embassies actually have to file all the faxes they receive and report the numbers and issues raised to their home governments. As such, it's a way of communicating to the govt what the international community thinks. Can anyone verify this please?

Also, faxes are preferable to email because faxes are tangible and harder to ignore. Email on the other hand disappear with a stroke of the delete key.


4th October 2005

Amnesty International

Aceh Action: Beating and detention of
anti-corruption activist

On 27 January 2005, Farid Faqih (m) was arrested
by Indonesian air force officers. Farid Faqih is
the chairman of Government Watch, a non
governmental corruption watchdog, and a contractor
for the United Nations Food Program. Farid Faqih
is accused of having stolen aid relief supplied by
wives of military officers for tsunami victims.
Faqih denied the charges of theft and reportedly
told his interrogators that he had kept the goods
at a warehouse just outside Banda Aceh to prevent
them from being soaked in the rain.

Farid Faqih was severely beaten by soldiers before
his arrest. On 23 March 2005, Captain Syuaib, one
of the soldiers, was sentenced to three months in
jail by the Banda Aceh Military Court. Amnesty
International remains unaware of any other
soldiers being under investigation due to the

Farid Faqih was arrested just a few days after
claiming that the number of Internally Displaced
Peoples (IDPs) in the camps had been exaggerated
in order to allow local officials to get more
tsunami aid. Since his arrest, he has been
claiming his innocence. Government Watch
representatives assert that Farid Faqih has not
stolen the aid but only wanted to remove it for

On 19 April 2005, Farid Faqihs trial began at the
Jantho Court of Greater Aceh, about 50 km south of
Banda Aceh. Prosecutors accuse Farid Faqih of
theft in violation of article 362 and 363 of the
Criminal Code. In June he was sentenced to one
year prison. He is free pending appeal. If he
loses his appeal, he will be detained again.


AI was gravely concerned for the safety of Human
Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Aceh who were at risk
of intimidation, harassment, arbitrary arrest and
detention, torture and extra-judicial execution.
Since the tsunami, reports of intimidation of HRDs
have been scarce, however the organization
believes that HRDs remain at risk of serious human
rights violations, especially in areas where there
is no international presence


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Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia of Indonesia

Drs. K.P.H. Rusdihardjo S.H

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia of Indonesia

233, Jalan Tun Razak

55000 Kuala Lumpur

4th October 2005

Your Excellency,


I am writing to expressing concern that Farid
Faqih, the chairman of Government Watch, a non
governmental corruption watchdog was beaten by
members of the Indonesian security forces prior to
his arrest, and I call for the authorities to
guarantee his safety.

I would also like to express concern that Farid
Faqih may have been arrested, detained and charged
solely on account of his peaceful campaigning
activities against corruption.

I call on the authorities to carry out an
independent investigation into the circumstances
of his arrest.

Lastly, I would like to remind the Indonesian
authorities of their obligation to protect human
rights defenders so that they can carry out their
legitimate and peaceful work without fear of being
subjected to human rights violations.

Yours sincerely,



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