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01-10-2005, 10:44 PM
Date: Sept 28,2005:
Time: 8pm
Place: MPSJ Conference Room

RE: Public hearing on the Batu 3 Subang Heights proposed flyover to USJ 3A,B,C and D

For those 100 people who attended this afternoon meeting, they have to fight one hell of a battle first before they sat down opposite each other with their swords drawn at precisely 3.14pm. The time of the meeting kept changing so often even at the last minutes that you need a PDA to keep track of it. The Subang Heights people organised themselves so well that they planted their people even on our side. They don't need a trojan horse to do it.

At precisely 3.14 pm, the deputy YDP of MPSJ, En Ghani apologised for YDP Mohd Arif Ab Rahman who was called by the State secretary on an urgent matter. Present were the ADUN of Subang Jaya, Dato Lee Hwa Beng and the Political Secretary to the MP for Shah Alam. Conspicuously absent are the Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia and the JKR. Also present were the Gilbert Yeoh, Chairmen of JKP Zon 2 (USJ 2-7), PC Yeoh Chairman of Zon 3 (USJ 8-15) and Mr Lee Thong Keng, Deputy Chairman of Zon 7 (USJ 16-29). The Press were there in full force including 'The Alternative News." With all the formalities done with in the first 10 minutes, Dato Lee then briefed those present the history of the case. The key point he wanted to stress was when this 'war zone' was under the Subang Jaya state constituency way back in 1995, he thought the controversial flyover would unite the predominantly Malay community with the Chinese majority Subang Jaya/USJ community. But with the electoral de-alienation happening in 2003, situation have changed when this portion became part of Shah Alam. On hind thought he also realised that with this flyover built, it will negate all his efforts of improving the traffic situation in SJ/USJ. And he concluded that "As the wakil rakyat for them, I have to voice their views."

Mr Gilbert Yeoh, the Jawatan Kuasa Penduduk (JKP) Chairman for Zon 2 which encompasses USJ 2 - USJ 7 which USJ 3A,B,C and D also fall within was next to speak. He wasted no time to tell those present that it is not only the 3A,B,C and D who are against the flyover. He said he personally turun padang and heard that for himself that the residents elsewhere under his care and concern also voiced their support to him to object strongly. His concern is with the influx of this additional unwarranted traffic, the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan USJ 12 with a student population of 1500 and the Sekolah Kebangsaan USJ 12 another 1,200 will be the ones to suffer most. As it is now, the road in front of both schools are 'literally breathing for air.' Many concerned parents feared for the safety of their children as Jalan Setia is the only exit road for those gigantic trailers transporting Proton cars and other huge trucks from the nearby industrial zone.

Mr PC Yeoh, the Chairman of JKP Zon 3 covering USJ 8 - USJ 15 was next in line to speak.Basically, he pointed out that residents of SJ/USJ have always been very consistent in all their objection with regards to new highways bringing traffic into this community. If this community has to make more sacrifices or compromises than it stands to benefit, then it will say NO to such highway. And this point was re emphasised by Mr P Jayan, the President of the USJ Residents' Association who said most probably Subang Jaya and USJ is the only community in the country that has road works throughout the year for 12 years running as much as he could recollect. He said "Enough is enough." He reiterated that from the Jalan Usaha experience where the Local Council could do nothing to stop heavy vehicles from plying this residential road, he would not trust that they could do it for this new proposed link. "I hate to say this but history will repeat itself here. The best alternative solution is to gain access directly onto the Kesas Expressway and as what PC has said earlier, you get to go to anywhere else in the country."

Rusman, the newly elected Chairman of the Protem Committee of the USJ 3ABCD Residents' Association took the mike next. He is the man who rallied the community to fight vehemently against this flyover. For Rusman, he believe in "Say whatever you want to say, so long as you let the photos do the talking". His few photographs did all the talking for him when explicit photos of various areas in USJ choked with traffic congestion went on screen. He presented the following points in his Powerpoint presentation.

1) USJ 3ABCD house buyers were not told about this proposed flyover.

2) Its current domestic noise pollution problem has not be addressed satisfactorily by both SIME UEP and MPSJ and with this link, it will get only worse and not any better.

3) The additional traffic will pose safety hazards to school-going children of SMK USJ12 and the SK USJ 12 (total enrolment estimated at 2,700 students) where the current traffic situation at Jalan Setia is already chaotic

4) It will bring in more heavy vehicles from Batu Tiga Hi-Tech Industrial Estate to enter into Jln Setia/Jln Tujuan stretch.

5) This problem is not only confined to 3ABCD only but the rest of the USJ community.

He then proposed that instead of building this flyover, the traffic instead should be directly channeled into The KESAS Expressway which will then get them connected to the rest of the major highway such as LDP, NPE and the NKVE. In this way, it will not clog up the already badly congested roads in Subang Jaya and USJ.

Shawn, the Subang Heights' representative then spoke. The gist of of his proposal can be summarised as follows

1) Subang Heights current only access to the world is via Jalan Jubli Perak first passing thru the tunnel (must be bad chi) fight space with heavy vehicles, avoiding potholes and on rainy days FLOOODS.

2) This flyover has already being approved way back in 2000 and in the Selangor Structural Plan is indicated as such. The approval is part of the development order conditions for both SIME UEP and Berjaya to comply in order to get a CF.

3) The developers have started with the 4 way carriage way which was simultaneously built and Berjaya has contributed RM 2.5 million as their share of the bargain.

4) Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia (LLM) has approved in principle this project.

5) Two similar links built over the Kesas Expressway at SS 19 and SS 14 proved the point that it can be done.

6) There is no requirement to call for a public hearing as there is no addition to the area requiring approval.

7) The traffic congestion in SJ/USJ is caused by mass housing the fact too many people chose to buy their houses here. It is also coupled with the fact there are only 2 exit points which have created a bottleneck effect. The effect of which is due to accident, rain, breakdown of traffic lights, illegal parking, queue cutting and endless roadworks

To conclude, we would like to tell you good neighbours that

1) We are not your enemy but your neighbours. We live in Subang Jaya
2) We love Subang Jaya too
3) We are against heavy vehicles.
4) We are all for the safety of school children too.
5) We also pay our taxes and MPSJ assessment
6) The Link bridge is just for Subang Heights residents who will only benefit when the whole area is fully developed.
7) This link adds as another alternative connectivity which will alleviate the traffic congestion in Subang Jaya.
8) Your property will immediately appreciate in value
9) The link benefits all parties

When the proceeding is opened to the floor, equal number of people from both sides took the floor. But the one who took the cheese is the person who posed the question "If there is no second link, what happens if the original access suffers a disaster? Don't you think this second link will be useful?" There was this lady lawyer who said "The Subang Heights people will definitely sue the authority for changing its mind. You would not want us to sue MPSJ which means the losing of taxpayer's money?" Another said that "here we have two willing developers who are willing to foot the bill of this link. If we say no now, we would have missed the opportunity to build this link for free."

To end it all, Dato Lee then suggested that at the next meeting ten representatives from each side will be invited to hear the decision and why it is made and the unsatisfied party can still object. There were objection by the Subang Heights people who questioned about when this is coming to an end when in the first place it was already a done deal. With no answer forthcoming the meeting ended as this is merely a hearing to hear things out.

Lee Hwa Beng
23-10-2005, 05:08 PM
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