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24-09-2005, 10:30 PM
Lord of War..... C
Drama , Comedic , little action...

Story about man who become a gun agent(nicholas cage) who sell guns to all type of army except salvation army in most or all the civil wars in the world..Usually risking his life and also breaking all kinds of weapon imbargo and laws...He is also been chase after by DEA (ethan hawks)..

Overall the this movie i find it ok only..Because not much tension build up , and the story development is so so ..There are some funny dialoques and also funny scenes..But nothing much as a story and also less action.


She's on Duty ....B
Korean , comedic , action , investigation

Very funny story about a police girl have to act as student to get close to a yakuza's daughter to get infomation about the daughter's father who is hiding from the yakuza's big boss.

The undercover police is funny , her facial expression is funny and the hostility of schoolmates from bullying to annoying classmates are funny:)..Undercover police partners are funny also with their attics..The actions scenes are ok.

Nice movie to watch for a relazing evening.

Do u have any interesting movies comments..Pls do post.Thanks.