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14-09-2005, 09:34 PM
Tom Yum Goong......B
Action , Martial Art , thai boxing

This is same actor tony jaa of the Ong Bak guy.
THis time somebody stole his 2 elephant. Tony and family treat the elephant as brothers..Hence basically somebody stole his bros..which end up in Australia..

Hence only hero end up in australia where there he is help by our hero sidekick..same guy in ong bak..Together they end up finding the hero bro's ...

THe movie again shows spectacular thai figthing scene from tony jaa and the stunt people there..No strings are seen and u can see tony leap straight into enemys with elbow punch , fist punch , body slam , knee punch , double fist punch , thigh slam , back bone breakers etc..So nice and action filled..

There are 3 level of intensity of figthing by TOny jaa.

When angry and frustrated
Involve street fighting where hit and run is best..
No much of fighting but more of aerobic skills.

Occur when tony saw bro's(elephant) is the main menu for dinner in restaurant..Parts of bro's are displayed in the restaurant..Tony become sad and then Mad.
Here punches and kicks are maximized to sent people throught wall , break chairs , break glasses , off the roof , off the verandah etc. Human , furniture and building structure are used fairly to break each other.

Occur when tony saw his bro's (elephant) bones are used as decoration on top of the she boss throne..
Here all fighting scenes involve human bone breaking techniques and dislocation of any joints that come to contact of tony..Amazing..There so many ways to brake bones, dislocate knee , dislocate arms , dislocate wrist , dislocate head , dislocate ankle ,dislocate shoulder ..etc..

Nice to see and collect too for action and aerobik fans..The tony's leap , jump , punches and kicks are good entertainment.

If u have watch this or have any comments , pls comments..Thanks