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09-09-2005, 10:05 PM
Charlie and the cholocate factory...C
Drama? Comedy

Hmm..Hear that Coklat factory is nice from atleast 3 people.Well it is quite a visual display of imagination i guess..And also quite a scary movie i think for kid..Scene like kids being attack by squerrels..turn into a fruit etc ..I guess being a Tim Burton production (Sleepy Hallow , Edward Scisscorhand) it is meant to be scary..

Story set about a guy called WIlla Wonka who is a cholocate king who prison himself inside in cholocate factory creating cholocate based technology finally decided to invite 5 kids to his factory as for a day tour promising adventure and cholocates prizes and one lucky kid will have a special reward...So slowly one by one the kids get eliminated by their own greediness , proudness and spoilness except for a good kid..etc etc..Oh..yess willa wonka have a bad childhood growth up thingie..hence he do things and speaks funny.

Acting is ok.Story development is predictable..Basically the good boy will get the the ultimate price and Willa WOnka will get a new family..Jonny Depp(Edward Scisscorhand,Privates of the Caribbean) did a good job as Willa Wonka here, i guess the character suite him well.

Hmm..not my kind of movie..

But nevertheless some people may enjoy the visual stimulation of a coklat world and the musical dwafts singing scenes..yuck.

The Great Raid.. C
Drama , action , military

Based on a true event..Occur in Philipines where the US Rangers attempt to rescue POW about 500 of them in Canabutt Philipines..It is the most succesfull POW rescue in US history.. The arrival of McArthur soldiers back to Philiplines , cause the JApanese army to retreat and reinforce in certain areas.Hence Jap HQ in Japan sent orders that all POW must be erased . Hence US Ranger with the Philipino freedom fighters stage a successful raid in the POW camp and save the day.

Not much acting here..Not much action also..Except for the 10++ minutes of tactical strategic moveuvariy of the US Rangers and the suprise attack on the JAp camp which is quite nice..But nothing compare with the other same genre like WindTalker , We are Soldiers..

Hence another movie that i can forget about.