View Full Version : Dungeon and Siege 1 and 2

26-08-2005, 05:21 PM
Nice game , it a role playing game..

U control a group of character and go around map collection item and shot enemies of all kind..Look like Diablo..but better engine and move character..

The dungeon siege 2 is more better , with better storyline and more weapons..
The bad guys are smarter and the AI improve a lot..But same as additive.

Dungeon 1 is easy to play and hard to die...Dungeion 2 is harder and easy day..but can start back with the Teleport spell and respawn..But still nice game.

I finish dungeon 1 but the dungeon 2 with better graphic u will need more 512DDR ram..above 2G processor and at least 128DDR graphic card..
Below that it will be lag..:( Dungeon 2 is 4vcd so get the DVD...DUngeon1 is 2 vcd.

Nice game overall.

26-08-2005, 05:53 PM
not boring ke?

find the hack n slash games quite boring after a while
it took me quite a while to finish d2 with the necro... which was the most interesting char to me...