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24-08-2005, 12:27 AM
Did you know there will be a link between Batu Tiga and Persiaran Tujuan thru USJ3ABCD, USJ3, USJ4 and USJ12.

All residents in USJ should be worried since this link will cause massive traffic jam as bad as the Summit junction, only this one is next to a school in USJ12!

Our own ADUN is now promoting this flyover when in May 2005, he openly told residents in USJ3ABCD in front of JKP Chairman Zon 2, USJ8 police and En Raymond Tan (USJ18) that he will not favor this flyover and we should write in to protest it. We did but on Monday, Aug 22 the ADUN invited residents in USJ3ABCD to attend a 'public hearing' in MPSJ on the pretext of meeting MPSJ and SIme UEP about the flyover and all our other problems. However, real estate speculators in Subang Heights were there and they were very well organized, outnumbering us 4:1!

Our ADUN is behind this watershed public hearing, which by the way does not conform with the requirements of the Town & Country Act, and make a mockery of Local Agenda 21. All USJ residents, stand up and be counted.

Show us your support by giving us details why you do not want this link. The Subang Heights people are only 300 lots strong and are real estate speculators. In USJ3ABCD, we have 776 houses, and in USJ at least 10,000 houses! Who is our ADUN representing??

Rusman Zaihan

24-08-2005, 12:57 PM
I'm the residence of USJ strongly againts this Flyover bridge connecting USJ 3A, B, C, D and the rest of USJ. We are currently trying to solve this noise problem from the highway and the traffic congestion in the USJ12 school junction and yet another inlet of traffic going to channel into USJ 3A, B, C, D........ Can anyone imagin the traffic situation in SUMMIT occur in USJ 12 school. We as a USJ resident must say NO to this Flyover.

Don't cut the Tree botak then realised is not right. Don't build the so call Millenium Park just for the sake of "sudah budgeted lah" and now another wayang inside there anyboday no what happen? Maybe they want a GOLD Plated Bird now? Another building near Sunway Lagoon... What is that? I really don't know. They born to be RICH and spend $$$$ like nobody business.

We need USJ resident to say NO to this Flyover. Please do something right now and don't wait for the invitation. You all are already invited.

USJ Resident BOLEH


27-03-2010, 02:13 PM
Dear Neighbours;

It has been a long journey fighting this bridge. It is now coming to an end. While we protested the bridge 6 years ago because we did not want the traffic through our neighbourhood. ..the issue is now much larger. Persiaran Setia and Persiaran Tujuan with the 2 schools USJ 12 and 4 practically choke up the junction. Apart from that the traffic is dangerous for children as they walk back to school. The issue is now not just the bridge it is also the dispersal of traffic in USJ.

The committee met YB Hannah on Thursday night for an update on the USJ3ABCD bridge issue.

The State EXCO met on Wednesday to delibrate on this matter and it was decided on the following:
1) Menteri Besar wants KESAS and MPSJ (who were also at the meeting) to find a solution to the traffic dispersement. KESAS must build another exit into their highway somewhere and they must decide on this and comeback to the EXCO in 2 weeks.
2) meanwhile the bridge is to be opened effective immediately*
3) The bridge will not be a private road as Batu Tiga residents and some USJ residents will want to use this bridge.

The committee is calling for a press conference on Wednesday morning at the bridge and we are going to make the following stand:
1) We agree to their decision under protest
2) We hold the state EXCO to their assurance that they will look into traffic dispersal for Persiaran Tujuan.
3) We also request for a committee comprising of our residents and MPSJ to look into the traffic and safety of our children at USJ4 and USJ12 schools. Proposals will be made in the next 2 weeks.
4) Persiaran Setia due to its bends and curves is very dangerous for speeding cars. We will look into slowing traffic down along this road.

We have tried to stall the opening of this bridge as long as we could but now that its been built and the USJ Heights and Subang Heights residents have moved in they are also pressuring for it to be open. It is inevitable that it is to be open. However our stand is clear and we believe that the traffic into Persiaran Tujuan is going to choke the junction at USJ12 school and something must be done to allevaite the traffic. It is not just a USJ3ABCD problem now, it is USJ 3, 4, 12, 11 and TP problem as well.

Best regards
Siew Meng

(*bold emphasis mine)

Received the above via email thru yahoogroups which I had joined. Looks like our children attending schools in USJ12 have to have extra careful now. I am hoping the secondary school will consider numerous requests for the side "green" gate at Jalan USJ12/1 to be opened to accomodate students who are walking and cycling from USJ12 and TP.

13-04-2010, 10:47 PM
This morning I was being informed that the link from USJ to Subang Heights is now opened. I have no chance to use it. Anyone can confirm this?

14-04-2010, 11:40 AM
Yea.. it is open for public since last Saturday - 10th April 2010

14-04-2010, 01:58 PM
a fellow forumer "hantamed" me that day saying I didn't inform him when the bridge was opened. I was in the dark as well when it opened. There are still some outstanding issues with the developer which they have not addressed. With the bridge opened I think we can say bye bye to those outstanding issues. Don't think they would address the matter anytime soon :mad: