View Full Version : Funny movie..Anchorman , Kinsky , Napolean Dynamite

07-08-2005, 07:18 PM
Wow saw these 3 funny movie

1. Anchorman:The legend of the Ron Burungh
This got from torrent..torrentbox a lot of seeds so quite fast dwnload.

Very funny..Acted by the same guy in Bewiteched..He is the 6pm news guy who get replaced with another girl.The girl quite nice with nice "physical appearance"
So they fight fight and try to sabotoage each other and of course fall in love and hate each other..WIll also see all the funny activies inside news room etc..
Some dialoges are lame but funny.

2. Kinsky
This is actually a based on the real story of Dr Kinsky who interviewed a LOT of people in USA for fact finding about USA sex lifestyle.. He face a lot of trouble.But he persisten doc..

Here will see a lot of shocking but funny , very dark discovery but funny and Dr Kinsky own dark but funny relationship with his wife and co workers..Also the funny techniques they use to interview people and also the funny straight honest reply they give back. Shocking also how things go uncontrolled during this course and the hurts here and there...But shockingly funny..
Nice flow , nice dialoques , nice acting..

3. Napolean Dynamite.
THis also got from torrentbox..many seeds so should be fast.I use BitComet.
Another jewel of comedy ..about frens in college in funny daily activities and their funny rosak family and how well they adapt..

Main character is this Napolean Dynamite very imagintive with his another funny bro , uncle, new best fren and new gf ..All come together for comedy action that will leave u laughing ..haha..Main scene is part time job in ayam factory , go for high school election , desigining time travel machine.., trying to find gf for high school porm..making comic , follow uncle to sell tupperware , bro court a very sex black girl in Internet , Cybersex and etc..

Wow..this 3 movies very funny..If got chance go " buy " , borrow , download
or rent...