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07-08-2005, 05:48 PM
The Island..is...nice to watch also..

Basically will see 2 character(clones ,hero and gf) running here and there towards their original . Then got betrayed and run again and suddenly got help from one of the least excepted people.

Between the running will see a lot of crashes and new technologies..

Best thing about this island is the suspend i think , and of course the babe!
Wow..very nice eh ... physical appearance...
And the view of the this kind of clone nest..which are actually insurance policies paid by their original..

U will see how they lie to the clones..how they harvest the clones..what are the clones thinking..how they tipu the clones to live peacefull and under control..the great escape..the cat and mouse game..

QUite funny and scary also..how cloning technology can be mis use..

Interesting movie...For those action thriller with babe type..
Oh yeah Obi wan kenobi is inside too...

09-08-2005, 10:11 AM
Not really my cup of tea but my friend drag me to watch this movie. It's a story that explains the whole plot from A-Z by itself and this leaves nothing for our imagination. The story lacks suspense and excitement. Well, the heroine to me look like a dumb blonde with simple script because in here the clones have the mentality of 7-8 year old despite their physical appearance. The thing that doesn't register my mind is that why there wasn't or not that much screaming scenes when there are suppose to be kids, why the trailer driver didn't stop when he saw those pipes got loose and policemen shooting at his truck. Overall, its a good movie to pass time.

Maybe I'm not into this kinda flick but I surely enjoy watching the first Terminator... :p