View Full Version : MPSJ Renovation Plan and Approval - con job

07-08-2005, 12:09 AM

Anyone has a good recommendation on a good Architect firm that can do the job for USJ house renovation ?

Recently I want to do a small renovation on my kitchen and engage a so call MPSJ draughtman to do it recommended by the contractor.

The MPSJ guy says it is no problem. Paid $800 for the job plus $500 for MPSJ deposit. Every thing will be kuo Tim in 2 months according to him.

After much chasing and many telephone calls, finally we got the plan approved with a covering letter from MPSJ, no MPSJ receipt only architect.

There was no laminated paper whereby you placed it at your renovation premises. According to the MPSJ guy, don't need to anymore.

Now, I don't know whether the genuine approval letter is genuine as the approval no. mpsj/xxx/xxx seems fishy.

His name is Shamrir.

Anyone here, plse do not engage him to do any renovation plan.

He is a pain.