View Full Version : Educational talk on the Selangor Structural Plan - the 5W and 1H by USJRA

04-08-2005, 01:13 PM
At yesterday's briefing at Holiday Villa by the Selangor Planning Dept on the draft of Selangor Structural Plan, there were only a handful of us from SJ/USJ at the briefing. There were many from Petaling Jaya that made up the slightly over 100 crowd. Even the head Datuk Seri Halimaton commented that she expected a much bigger crowd. At the briefing, many of us found that there is so much information to grasp that we suffered from indigestion even before we eat out lunch at 1pm. There is so much to learn and we felt lost on how do we object.

In view of this, the USJ Residents' Association intends to hold a talk on the Selangor Structure Plan which is currently on display in MPSJ. The objection period has now been extended till 30 August 2005. During this period, in order to submit any of our objection, we need to know how the Plan is going to impact us. We intend to invite experts in the field of environmental, legal and social to assist us in understanding the Plan and also brief us on our civil rights to object. This talk will also be useful in view of the MPSJ Local Plan which is scheduled to be on display end August or early September. So make yourself free. The date below is tentative.

Date: Saturday, 13 August 2005
Time: 10.00 am to 3.00pm (Lunch will be provided)
Venue: 3K Sports Complex at SS 13 Subang Jaya.

If you know of anybody who is well verse in the area of Environmental or Social impact or even the Local Agenda 21, please email me or call me at 012-2995330. Also provide your input on this matter.