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09-06-2005, 09:21 AM
Last nite I discovered one small area at the staircase parquet floor was invaded by white ants. Checked the rest of wooden areas in the house and still safe. Still wondering where could the white ants be coming from... neighbours?

I used to have pest control service coming for bi-monthly spraying until I stopped the service last year. Am considering if reactivating the service would help...

09-06-2005, 11:13 AM
All ex-estate areas have this problems of termites, as the root of the trees were not uprooted before leveling the land for construction. Decaying tree /t stumps offers a great place for termites to breed. The termites may be coming from underneath yr house or from your neigbours house and there is no question of eliminating them totally as long as yr neigbours are not doing the termite treatment. You should continue with yr treatment for your well being.

09-06-2005, 11:32 AM
you need to gte some treatment..either they drill holes(18in holes every 18-24in) in your house and pump chemicals or use Sentricon which doesn't require drilling.for chemicals the termites just move on to another house (treatment last min 5 yrs) and for Sentricon they eat it and eventually explode. Both are treament are not cheap, sentricon is more expensive. I suggest you do either one.

09-06-2005, 12:20 PM
you may want to try this before embarking on the more expensive service.

First check and see how far they have penetrated your floor, tap on the parquet, the hollow sound will probably indicate the existence of termites.
Check next room to see if the have spread there... if it cover several rooms, by all mean go get help... but if its confined to just one room, then try this.......... go to any hardware shop or maybe supermarket, buy the cockcroach bait, (Mortien) it comes in a small plastic box (abt 4 cm x 4cm) with four openings...its meant to kill cockcroach...

Carefully cut open the plastic box, and you will see a small (abt size of 20sen coin) piece of rubbery bait, cut the bait or rather chop it into small pieces, find the parquet set that the termites have colonised, leave the chopped baits in and cover it back. The termites will consumed it, they die, termites will eat termites and they die and so on and so on...

By the way, termites or more commonly known as white ants does not belong to the ant classification, they actually belong to the cockcroach family by the structure of the thorax and head. Add more baits every week or so, but keep an eye on its invasion.

This will work if its new small colony. (same principal as Sentricon) only now you put the bait directly into the affected area... Sentricon works on the ground and soil area.

I hope it works for you.. if it does, give a small donation to your favourite charity. :p

09-06-2005, 05:32 PM
Thanks for all the suggestions (esp. Zimon...lenghty one too... ;) )

The infected is a small square area measuring prob. 3" x 3" at the stairways. For the time being, I've opened up the the area (the parquet planks) & sprayed with H20. I hv cockroach bait but can't find it last night coz it was almost midnite when I discovered it.

I've also checked other wooden areas (like wooden door frame, cabinets etc) by tapping the areas as well as "listening" for sound of any moving colony/trail of white ants. So far so good...at least I hope so. :(

I believed the white ants penetrated thru tiny cracks of the wall. I also have a packet of ants bait ie the type which will attract ants to eat & later pass on to the colony...(something like that, don't really know how to describe)...wonder if it's also effective as a temporary solution.

I've also asked the pest control service to re-active the pest control service again next week & at the same time to conduct the routine check.

If you informed them now that there's infection, obviously the only solution that's offered is either drilling or Sentricon...common sales strategy eventhough the normal spraying might be possible to eliminate if it's not too severe (eventhough not guarantee to be 100% effective)...anyway, I guess it's still worth a try to continue with the spraying first...

09-06-2005, 08:35 PM
Rachel, skip the ant bait, white ants are not ants, they are group under the cockcraoch family. and when you use the spray on them, dont use the normal mosquito spray..it takes a long time to kill them..go for the cockcroach spray or better still, look at the bottom (or thereabout) of the container and get one labelled "class III" --- they are stronger than the mosie spray (class IV) -careful they are pretty strong.