View Full Version : Hemorrhoidectomy or Piles - my personal experience

01-06-2005, 06:07 PM
I am still recovering, having had the surgery 2 days ago, and just realising a couple of things that must be shared:

a. 2 close friends that came by to comfort me disclosed that they too suffer from some symptoms of hemorrhoids.. one even mentioned a level 2 going to 3 symptom.

b. It's after the surgery when it actually hurts like nothing I have every had experienced before. Do not leave the hospital before your 1st bowel movement.

With that, I can personally say that prevention is best. God gave us a concience to take care of ourselves (eat right, be healthy) and if that fails, the body's going to rebel.

Else - seek medical assistance SOON. Talk about it more - I have kept it for so long it's not funny anymore. There are some new methods that are less painful if you have not reached stage 4 - when it all hangs loose.

Take care..