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31-03-2005, 09:07 PM
Hi, Everybody

I need you to do a favour for "Single Mothers"

Do you know anybody who is a single mother* or maybe you are one yourself ?

And does this single mother need any help to improve her lot in life? Maybe she is at work where she is away from her growing children; maybe she is not making enough to give her family the important necessities; maybe she has a disabled husband who cannot contribute his half; etc. Possibly having a sound, stable business where she can work from home would have been the best option to make things work....

Does this single mother* you know need help? If you do, then please read the below:

For your information, I am one of the directors of Angels@Work (Angel Resources Sdn. Bhd.), an organization geared towards helping such single mothers to acheive the above. We train them to be prepared for business, then offer them proven businesses which can help them get going almost from the start. (See press article below from The Star papers.)

We train them first because they need a different mindset to operate a business. Then be offer them proven businesses because they cannot afford to fail. Then they grow once they have both mindset and experience. Angels@Work will hand-hold them along the way. And that is where our organization is different from the Charity bodies and NGOs. We do not give handouts. We give opportunities.

A special preview for this purpose will be conducted on 10th April 2005 (The Soon Coming Sunday) at 2.30pm at Lot 8.03 Block A Kelana Business Centre, SS7/2 Petaling Jaya. If you have anyone who fits the category, can you direct them to reserve a seat for the preview?

Seats can be reserved by sending SMS to: 016-9701681 <Full Name> <Pax> <Fax/Email>. We will send map and directions how to get there.

Thank you in advance for doing the favour.

Alex Leow @ Angel Resources Sdn. Bhd. (Angels@Work)
803 Block A Kelana Business Centre, SS7/2
47600 Petaling Jaya Selangor Malaysia
24Hrs: 03-20733177
Email: angel_resources@yahoo.com


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Tuesday, March 08, 2005
‘Angels’ who guide single mums to survive in business
By K. Anuradha
COPING with children and having to work at the same time is never easy, yet a lot of mothers face this fact of life daily, with scarcely any help.

Single mothers often have to do it all by themselves, and their job is twice as hard.

Recognising this, Angel Resources Sdn Bhd has started a business community programme which aims to help this group.

Its president, Malinda Abdullah, said through this programme, single mothers would have the chance to enroll in several entrepreneurial training sessions.

(Picture: http://metro.thestar.com.my/news/2005/3/m_pg04malinda.jpg )

The brains behind the programme Malinda (second from left)with the rest of the Angels@Work 'crew' (from left) Sharon Lim, Mohamed Saleem Iqbal Mohamed, alex Leow, Ivan T. Boudville and Christine Peter.
The main aim of this programme is to provide a higher quality of life to these women through ownership of a flexible business that will enable them to have a steady income and still have time for their families.

“At the moment, there are more than 100,000 single mothers in Malaysia who face challenges daily, trying to provide the best for their children.

“Many of them sacrifice their time to work in jobs that take them away from their children as they desperately need the income.

“They may have tried to run businesses but lack the skill. Here, we hope to equip them with the necessary skills and turn them into able businesswomen,” said Malinda.

She added that apart from teaching skills and building confidence, Angels@Work would also give them the opportunity to own a SOHO (small office home office).

Angels@Work is open to single mothers who are divorced, widowed, abused and abandoned women with children who receive no support from their spouse. Women with handicapped husbands are also invited.

Malinda, herself a single mother, is the brains behind this programme. Personal hardships she suffered made her take a bold step to elevate herself financially through business.

It is not surprising to see her keenness in wanting to help other single mothers out there “liberate” themselves by teaching them how to be economically independent.

Angels Resources in located in Kelana Business Centre, Kelana Jaya. For details, call 03-78033368.

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