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17-02-2005, 01:26 PM
hi guys,

hope u can help me finding a stamping office and a commissioner of oaths around subang/USJ.
best in the same area, door to door or same office table to table, u know the parking-situation during office hours ;) :D


17-02-2005, 11:14 PM
There are a couple of Commissioners of Oath in Taipan but the Stamping Office which is the most convenient where parking is easy is at Kelana Jaya Jalan SS 7/15 next to Shang Villa Condo and the Penthouse but just before the MPPJ Stadium. See Map for direction. It is in the new 15 storey building. This is also the Income Tax Department (LHDN). You need not pre buy any revenue stamps there. You just pay the stamp duty over the counter. You need to find your way there. The other location is in Shah Alam at Wisma If you have any problem, then contact me at 012-2995330.


26-02-2005, 05:16 PM
:) You can find another stamping office located at the Land Office which is beside Wisma Consplant/ Tractor.
If I'm not wrong, it is on the 4th floor. If you buy the stamp duty from them, they will charge you a small fee.

04-03-2005, 06:36 PM
You are absolutely right. The other day I need to stamp a tenancy agreement and went there to check it out. There is this guy from the IRB or LHN in bahasa there armed with a cancelling chop to stamp agreements. I did not ask him whether he does anything more than this. But please bear in mind he only chops/cancels the revenue stamps which you should in the first place purchase these revenue stamps from any post office. That guy does sell stamps unlike the one in Income Tax Office. In the Land Office, the stamps are sold by the canteen people (who must have bought them from the Post Office) and are sold at 10% premium. It is OK if the value is low -example if the stamp duty is RM 10 - RM 30. As for mine, the stamp duty for my 2 copies of the tenancy agreement is RM 82.00, I was not prepared to pay extra RM 8.20 as I could easily walk 150 meters to Carrefour Post Office and save that RM 8.20.