View Full Version : Bad lighting/no lighting for 'Court 7 - USJ 14' Path

18-12-2004, 11:12 PM
I noticed

The long stretch of walkway between GY Court 7, and USJ 14

is very dark at night. Shouldn't more streetlamps be provided, instead of depending on the lights from passing cars? :rolleyes:

20-12-2004, 11:13 AM
Hi Andrew

You can bring this matter up with the Subang Perdana Management (03-8024 7616) whose office is at Court 9 on your concern. Ask to speak to the manager. Don't speak to the guards. The management has good relationship with the public services authorites such as MPSJ, TNB, PUAS, IWK and Telekom. Before you do, do some homework. Draw a map of the area you are talking about, your concern and if possible suggest a solution to give them a idea. If your letter is informative enough, they just have to endorse it and forward it to the authority concern instead of drafting another letter of their own. Make life easy for them. You only want to leverage on them or else the authorities would think that this concern is only based on one person's opinion. If you need further assistance, you can call me at 012-2995330.

USJ Residents Association.

25-01-2005, 04:18 PM
Hi PC,

We were so glad that MPSJ recently installed lamp posts in the playground near our house. However after a week, the lamps are no longer lit at night.

Would you know who we can notify about this? Appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance.

27-01-2005, 04:43 PM
You can call the MPSJ Hotline which will take calls 24hr a day, 7 days a week (24 x 7) at 03-56376545 or their normal General Office line at 03-80263131. I suggest you call the Hotline during normal office hours and provide them the details (which lamp post as they won't know when they come during the daytime which bulb is not working) and remember to ask them for a Nombor Rujukan (Reference No) for follow up purposes. Non office hour complaint will not be provided with any reference no. on the spot. I have a feeling that during office hours, the people manning the phones are trained. You can also log in your complaint via their website www.mpsj.gov.my or click here http://www.mpsj.gov.my/iresponz/ You need to be a registered member to post a complaint here. From experience don't bother to do via this channel as most of the time they don't read their eAduan. And also the speed to load is nail biting.

Alan Cheah
07-03-2005, 07:58 PM
Hi PC,

We were so glad that MPSJ recently installed lamp posts in the playground near our house. However after a week, the lamps are no longer lit at night.

Would you know who we can notify about this? Appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance.

hha... yes... MPSJ is quite good now...compared to
other local councils... That's why they can achieve ISO status.. :)

09-03-2005, 01:09 PM
Malaysians have forgotten many things.One such matter that comes to mind is accountability.Why have so many developers cheated house buyers in Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya etc when there are so many intelligent people living in those two areas.It is not because of a lack of intelligence and I will show you why later when all will be revealed.
The reason is that the whole system "sucks".There is every right for a human being in Malaysia to legitimately expect that when you pay money ( and hard earned money) to a developer you should have a good home for your family and youself.Is that asking too much, after all it takes a lifetime to repay the Bank after which you may or may not finally own it.Why then?

(a) the Developer when he applies for conversion he has to pay money to the town council for approval, after when it is built ( and after he has cut a lot of cost, the developer then chooses his relatives to buy the houses and after that the sale to third parties, ( yes, under table money..blah, blah and blah..we know it all)
When you receive the house after much trouble, its not in order but to get the key you must pay.Whoever heard about fit for occupation means a house with no water or electricity.
(b) when you can get anything done you see the town council, land office, the Mentri Besar ( good name huh?) but they say all ok because money already changed hands.

What then is the moral of the story-
Firstly, Town Counsellors should be elected.( Dont you think so) otherwise they will be sending you post cards from Turkey and studying belly dancers.If they dont do their job, they wont get elected.Great idea huh.Almost all countries who care of their citizens do that.

Secondly, Corruption has become institutionalized in Malaysia.Look at the allegations made by prominent UMNO leaders that UMNO elections there was blatant bribery, so lets forget about MCA and MIC.The answer to that is Datuk Badawi must immediately address that problem.Its common knowledge all over locally and internationally this problem in Malaysia.

I really dont want to go on and on.I also dont want to be arrested but We all have a human right to expect that politicians, civil servants and others who work for us should be accountable.In Malaysia that seems absent.What do you all think about it.I am sad that in your area the traffic is conjested and people actually go home so late to spend prime time with their children.Maybe you guys should ask for Police escorts and sirens,Tell me if I am nasty, wrong or correct!