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11-12-2004, 06:39 PM
The modem in the tmnet streamyx in a box offer I got is a Triz Communications TZ32000C. While it is dead simple to configure the modem to function as a "modem" using the installation CD, as days went by, I was advised that it is better and safer for the user to configure the modem as a "router" because that way, the modem can double as a firewall and help block potential hackers. Cool!

So this time, I uninstalled the streamyx drivers by way of control panel>add/remove programs and followed the instructions in the user manual cd but things didn't work out. I even contacted tmnet streamyx helpdesk but even they couldn't help me.

Actually my streamyx contractor initially configured it that way and it worked where one switches on the modem to go surfing and the PPP diode doesn't blink [solid] unlike the use of the streamyx icon on the desktop but later on due to difference of opinion on the colour coding of the wall socket with the telekom technican who came to install brand new wiring to my house as the one in the wall was faulty the streamyx contractor left after a disagreement with the telekom technician and did not configure the pc so I ended using the installation cd to configure the modem as a "modem".

But I really want the opposite and would be much obliged if someone could give step-by-step configuration to set the modem as a router via the browser and modem ip address.

11-12-2004, 10:53 PM
key in yr default getway ip and then configure it
any probs?

12-12-2004, 09:19 PM

yes, I looked up my ipconfig and copied the ip address, subnet mask and default gateway to the static ip setting under the wan configuration, saved and reboot the modem but nothning happened. I did a dignoistic test under admin privelge and all above the "Test PPPoPvc O PPP layer connection" passed except that connection failed. I even configured the dns server under the dns setting based on the tmnet streamyx user guide.

12-12-2004, 09:56 PM
AT LAST!!!!! I got it.

Fooling around again, I removed the 2 programs installed by the installation cd then ran the diagonistic test: It read the PPPoPvc O PPP layer connection failed. So this time I went back to the wan configuration and re-typed my username and password assuming the then programs from the installation cd had overwritten over them and restarted the modem then WALL-LA! The power, lan and link diodes became solid, the data blinking as it should and finally the ppp diode became solid. I did another diagonistic test and the PPPoPvc O PPP layer connection passed. I restarted the modem as second time and the diode readout was the same and a diagonistic a third time and the results were pass

I have succeeded in making my modem act as a router-cum-firewall.

Incidentally tmnet personel who came to my house earlier on told me such a thing should/could not happened...how little they know.

For reference, from the Xpeedometer test from tmnet's web site I got 788kbit/s