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25-10-2004, 09:29 PM
Have u ever seem a lady bus driver driving hazardly along Persiaran Tujuan. It a white colour NISSAN van. I believe she pick up those children from the schools located along Persiaran Tujuan, particular those near the Shell station besides the medium appartments

The other day I saw her making a u turn, at the frontage of Shell sation. with a full load of school childrens inside the bus. (this is my 2nd encounter to see the same bus using such shortcut mode to bulldoze her way out from the traffic jams) What I don understand why she take such a risk where that juncture supposed not allowed for any u turning. Traffic flows often heavy along Persn Tujuan during peak hrs. Any mishap can be viewed severe, not to mention the lifes of the oncoming drivers as well as the innocent school childrens .... I hope the lady driver use her head when she drives and not her feelings.....unf0rtunately I did not get hold of the bus regn plate number...

26-10-2004, 12:18 AM
Err...these drivers use their own vehicles to ferry school children...from morning til late in the afternoon...n normally they ferry them batches of children...at least making 2 trips back n forth to n from the schools on each school session...n later they would ferry n fetch the children to n from tuition classes as well....ahem...they are everywhere....going about their 'bizness' without the kids properly insured...eventhough the parents pay them a bomb for their 'services'..... :o

Most of the times...err....you find the kids packed into these vehicles lika in cans of sardins.....ahem...what to do?....the parents are repeating the same question....over n over again.... :o

So...everyone 'passengers' including the drivers are putting themselves n other road users at risks....in their madrush for making up the time n trips... :o

While the legalized/registered school buses(yellow ones)...are trying to go about doing their best....these other private ones....are 'competing' for bizness...so their charges are normally 10 ringgit less per child per month of service.....as compared with the yellow buses.... :o

26-10-2004, 10:01 PM
I believe parents can helped by constantly check with their kids on the driver's behaviour whenever being ferried to school or home, vice versa. We cannot take chances if found the consensus from the kids shows negative, parents should demand for the driver to be changed. If not, opt for other bus operator...

27-10-2004, 12:41 AM
Err..TanWS :) ...Orchi tried asking 8 year old eldest...he answered..'weee papa...uncle going very fast wor...taking short cuts...beating the jams mah :D ...'...ahem...so how now to differentiate whether he was speeding or not?...or was he just doing the regular short cuts thingy?...lika most of us do...hehehe...then again...if uncle overtakes a bus coming to a halt...hehehe...Orchi's son would not be able to tell any difference wat... :D

Err...in Orchi's opinion...Orchi has taken some consideration about this sort of risks involved...err...what to do?...we can't be at all the right places...at the right time...can we? :o

So when Orchi leaves the eldest with uncle who makes his best living by driving the legalized/registered school van...Orchi already have accepted that fact...its limitations...n risiko(s)... :o ..then again...sure Orchi wishes no harm should come to the kids way....

Longtime ago...not to far away in KL or at remote hometown...Orchi used to walk...or later cycle to school...err...at that time...both parents were working also...n Orchi knew they have us siblings in their minds at all times...so as much as possible Orchi could only try to be careful.... what to do?...same old story lor.... :o

27-10-2004, 10:06 AM
Though the suggest mode may not be accurate & complete, but I believe children do not lie. They may not know how to differentate being drove hadhazardly or otherwise, at least, they can describe to u the manner of driving ....Undoubtedly, we live in the world of risks..why take the chances if this can be mitigatted.

Children always the innocent/defendless party in all circumtances...certainly we do not want to feel sorry becos of, our lackastical attitude in acting : on the matter...this is my view :confused:

27-10-2004, 02:45 PM
Talking about reckless drivers... i stiil remember vividly the hell drivers of KL ..I am referring to the mini bus drivers.."king of the roads" during that era.
Remember being in one of them?? I would have to cling on to the railings or the seat for my dear life!!
Weaving in and out of traffic was a norm, breaking every traffic rule was nothing unusual and most of the time overcrowded to the brim.

I use to think, how can I possibly have survived that after having gone through their nerve wrecking spine chilling roller coaster journeys. Phew!


27-10-2004, 03:21 PM
talking about reckless drivers,

plenty on the highways,
they will cut in from the left, then swerve to the extreme right , then speed off, maybe practicing for F1 .........
at times u can see 2 cars chasing one another, are they friends or just for thrill, endangering people's lives.. rascals .....

29-10-2004, 09:11 AM
The other day I saw her making a u turn, at the frontage of Shell sation. with a full load of school childrens inside the bus. (this is my 2nd encounter to see the same bus using such shortcut mode to bulldoze her way out from the traffic jams)

As a matter of fact, every morning around 7.30 am 2 bas sekolah (yellow) bearing registration number of BW 9394 (B20) and AQ 6558 (B16) will haphazardly make illegal u-turns in front of that Shell inter junction. They are ferrying mostly students from Sri Kuala Lumpur.

Just thought that any parents in the forum would like to know. They also have a big sticker with the LPKP phone number behind the bus in case anyone wants to make an "aduan" of their reckless driving.