View Full Version : Housewife claims assault by Tesco cashier

16-10-2004, 12:49 PM
Housewife claims assault by Tesco cashier
Dawn Chan
MALACCA, Oct 16:

A housewife alleged she was assaulted by a cashier at the Tesco hypermarket in Peringgit after she pointed out some discrepancies in her bill.
The alleged incident took place at 9pm on Monday.

Gan Swee Hong claimed she was overcharged by RM1.50 and pointed out the mistake to the cashier. She demanded a refund.

"The total bill was supposed to be RM24.50 but I was charged RM26.00 instead," she claimed.

When she asked the cashier to do a recount, an argument ensued.

Gan claimed she was slapped on the face and suffered blurred vision as a result. She also claimed she had encountered similar problems with other cashiers at the hypermarket.

Gan said another cashier did a recount after the incident and refunded her the money.

"Nobody at the hypermarket bothered to offer me an apology for the mistake," she said.

Gan lodged a police report at the Melaka Tengah police station for the alleged assault. She was also sent to the Malacca Hospital for a medical examination.

The hypermarket's general manager, Prem Kumar, was not available for comment.