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18-09-2004, 10:52 AM
Please avoid the stretch of road from Summit going toward Subang Jaya. (Coming into USJ in the opposite direction should not be a problem)

This is what happened this morning at the junction of Jalan Kewajipan turning into the Kesas Highway (toward Shah Alam)

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I suppose that it will take them a few hours to clear up the mess from the time of this post.

18-09-2004, 02:30 PM
Too bad . Already caught in it n can't remember for how long .
Cleared at around 12.30 noon

Net Rider
18-09-2004, 04:32 PM
Don't you think that there are too many cars on the road and not enough public transport. The MRT is only available near the city center. I wish they would bring back the BMWs (bus mini willayah), then there would be less traffic jam. The BMWs give much better service than the approved bus companies we have now. Used to be, when you wanted to go somewhere there is always a mini bus waiting for you, now you have to wait half an hour to one hour to get a bus, and sometimes they are cancelled without you knowing.

Bring back the mini-buses!!! and get rid of the traffic jams.

Cindy Kee
18-09-2004, 07:15 PM
Robertec. Thanks for the warning but it was too late as my friend and I were caught in the traffic snarl. My friend thought it would be fun to add onto the congestion by walking up and down the paved sidewalk in her micro-mini skirt to cause people to gawk at her. Just kidding. Do you have any idea when the accident happen?


18-09-2004, 07:28 PM
That jam is really bad. Was from the Kesas highway going to USJ and saw the crane trying to "lift" up the lorry. Any idea how that accident happen? Guess the lorry was going fast into the corner and loses balance?

18-09-2004, 10:08 PM
Err..Orchi has already gotten stucked...as early as 8:30am...not sure about others...but similar accident involving a trailer being overturned....has happened before...:rolleyes:

Orchi had mentioned about this many moons ago....the roads in and around USJ/SJ....were not designed n built with the increase in volume n size of these freaking ever growing monster trucks...in minds of the greedy Sime UEP...n the idiotic....n corrupted practices by the relevant governing parties...they had to built n sell so many factories in densely populated area....:rolleyes: PUIH!!

Hopefully in the future...no one would get seriously hurt....with this sort of traffic madness.... :rolleyes:

18-09-2004, 10:32 PM
From the look of it , I think this monster must be above 60 kmh to tip over sideways when empty . Fortunately he did'nt plough into those heading to sj.

19-09-2004, 03:20 PM
Could not access eCommunity & Jeff's ScreenShots whole of last night (Sat, Sept 18, 2004).

Those on Two-wheelers were not badly affected as they were allowed to passed through.

Most likely it was a self-inflicted accident. No retainer or fasterner was in sight. Presumely when the driver tried to make a sharp corner towards Kesas to Shah Alam, the heavy load swayed to the one side and lorry toppled off.

For those vehicles driving from Summit towards SS 14, SS 15 and Subang Parage area, the Police should have directed traffic slowly to the other half which was not affected so that they could reach their destination via Sunway toll.

Similarly for drivers from Summit going to KL, they should have been allowed to use the same half (which was not affected) and continue their journey to the city via Kesas smoothly.

The situation at noon was extremely chaotic.
Wonder why they did not consider the above alternative.

One of the most effective ways for motorists to benefit emergency news such as the above is for the Authorities or motorists to call the major Radio Station immediately to report the accident. Most likely, we could have avoided that route thus avoid further jam. Sorry, I had no access to a Car Stereo.

Radio Staion Tel Nos :-
ERA : 9543 3355
Hitz FM : 9543 8888
Light & Easy : 95438888
Mix FM : 9543 8888
My FM : 9543 3366
Radio 1 : 2282 2484
Radio 4 : 2282 4746
Radio 5 : 2288 7266
Radio 6 : 2288 7279
Radio KL : 2282 5445
Red 104.9 : 4043 1049
Redi 988 : 4042 0988
THR : 9223 2993
Wow Fm : 7955 7969

20-09-2004, 09:02 AM
Be a DHL traffic phone ranger and call 03-95438880 and report it to them. I don't think the rest of the stations bother to report such incident as often as the AMPS group of stations such as . Hitz FM, Light & Easy and Mix FM which report them so often (every 30 minutes) that if you surf these stations between 6-9am and 4-7pm, you will bound to come across one of their reports on traffic situation in Klang Valley and other areas outside. (Eg: it was reported this morning that the traffic lights at The Summit was out of order). One trick for those who are regular callers like me. If you are outstation, you can still do this "national service" without burning your pocket on phone charges. Call the above number to ask them to return call to you back. So they bear the charge.

20-09-2004, 10:07 AM
Additional info for the above :-
Instead of remembering so many Radio stations, a report to DHL Phone Ranger service would suffice. AMP Radio network includes Hitz FM, Mix FM, Light & Easy, ERA, My FM and Sinar FM. They broadcast report every 1/2 hr interval from 7.00am to 7.00pm

DHL Phone Ranger operates from Monday to Friday between 7.00am to 7.00pm. Will extend on Sat & Sun if long public holidays on weekends. .

20-09-2004, 12:48 PM
This incident was reported in the StarMetro today.

Monday, September 20, 2004
Lorry lands on its side, causes traffic jam for hours

TRAFFIC came to a standstill for several hours in Subang and its surrounding areas on Friday when a lorry landed on its side at a flyover near the Summit shopping complex in Subang Jaya.

The lorry blocked vehicles coming from both directions.

<P align=center><IMG alt="" src="http://www.nwatch.net.my/images/nwatch/articles/142/p4lorry.jpg" align=middle border=0></P>
Motorists travelling to and from Subang Jaya, as well as those using the Kesas Highway, Federal Highway and other major links to the road were caught in the massive traffic jam.

Cranes were used to help police and other authorities clear the wreckage in the afternoon.

The lorry with metal sheets, lying on its side at the flyover near the shopping complex.
The lorry, carrying metal sheets, was travelling from the Kesas Highway towards Subang USJ when the accident occurred at 7.30am.

The driver lost control of his vehicle while negotiating a corner at the flyover.

Police will record a statement from the driver, who escaped unhurt, soon.

Copyright 1995-2004, Star Publications (Malaysia) Berhad. 10894-D.

20-09-2004, 12:57 PM
Aside from a better picture of the accident (since mine was taken with a Mobile Phone) the reporting was quite a bit off.

People living in Subang would know what I mean; the lorry did not block vehicles from both directions.

And what has something that happened in Jalan Kewajipan got to do with traffic on the Federal Highway?

Goes to show, you cannot believe wholesale what you read in the papers.

20-09-2004, 01:18 PM
As reported by Star : The lorry, carrying metal sheets, was travelling from the Kesas Highway towards Subang USJ when the accident occurred at 7.30am.
__________________________________________________ _

It should be the other round, ...... travelling from Subang USJ towards Kesas Highway.

Must be a Free-lance reporting, for some inaccuracy.

Wow, the mobile phone snap-shots were clear for web quality. Nice contribution, TQ.

20-09-2004, 01:51 PM
What's the use of getting info of a jam when you are already in the thick of it. Even if you find an alternative route there would be another jam waiting for you.

Lets be realistic, jams and accidents are part and parcel of our lives. Live with it , there is no other choice.
With the criss cross of new highways and byways the jams are still here.

Might as well sit back put on the radio or cd and relax. While the oil companies can laugh them selves all the way to the banks.